‘RHOP:’ Jamal Bryant’s Alleged Ex Speaks Out About Their 10-Year Relationship, Says Bryant Is Faking Relationship With Gizelle and Has Multiple Babies With Other Women

The mystery about the validity of Jamal and Gizelle Bryant’s relationship remains. The season 5 story of Gazelle de RHOP hurting her trying to reconstruct with Jamal amid allegations that they are easing their romance for the show. Things got even worse when Monique Samuels showed text messages allegedly between Jamal and his true girlfriend.

Gizelle and Jamal Bryant
Gizelle Bryant and Jamal H. Bryant Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Jamal later denied Samuels’ receipts, denying any involvement with the woman. His former accuser, Tunya Griffin, now reveals her side and shouts Jamal bluff.

Jamal Bryant denies Monique Samuels’ claim that he is dating another woman while reconnecting his relationship with Gizelle Bryant

In part one of the season 5 reunion, Samuels confronted Gizelle about the rumors that her relationship with Jamal was a true story for the show. Gizelle denied such rumors before Samuels handed over a link full of accused screenshots from Jamal’s true girlfriend.

Per Samuels, Jamal and the woman communicated throughout the season. The screenshots show that the two stayed together while Jamal traveled for his pastoral conferences. Gizelle confirmed that the number on the screens belonged to Jamal.

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In response to Samuels ’claims, Jamal took to Facebook live denying that his relationships were deteriorating. He says that the woman applied for a job at his church and was disappointed when he found out she had no credentials. He also says that she never visited his home.

In addition, he states that the woman asked him to be part of her dissertation research and refused to read. He states that the dissertation was “lacking in depth” and that there were spelling and grammatical errors.

Tunya Griffin says she and Jamal Bryant have a date for 10 years, confirming that Jamal has other children, and says that his relationship with Gizelle is just for real television.

Griffin took part in an exclusive on-camera interview with All about tea to share her side of the story. Per Griffin, she and Jamal met when she went to his church in Baltimore.

She says she took his book and shared it on social media that she enjoyed reading it. Jamal reportedly slipped into her DMs and their relationship began from there.

Also a pastor, she says the two would often travel together at various conferences and pastor training. She took pictures of Jamal in his bed in different cities. To dispute her claims that she was never in her home, she shared photos of the interior of what she says is Jamal’s home in Baltimore.

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Griffin found Jamal’s allegation that she had applied for a job and was dismissed as a fool. She denies applying for a job. Griffin discovers the idea of ​​being unqualified, considering herself a professor and a conventional doctoral candidate.

As for the dissertation, Griffin says Jamal never looked at her dissertation. She doubles down with the assumption that his relationship with Gizelle is decided for the show and shares more screenshots of the texts they say Jamal says are such.

During the reunion, Karen Huger asked Gizelle about Jamal’s other children. It is reported that two of the children were born a few years ago. Griffin admits Jamal has a four-year-old son who has been proven through DNA testing and believing it is another child as well.

Jamal or Gizelle has quoted Griffin’s recent interview. Part three of the RHOP air Sunday, Dec. 27 at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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