‘RHOP:’ Jamal Bryant Hits Monique Samuels With a Cease and Desist – Samuels and Her Husband Fire Back and Threaten Legal Action

The war of words between Jamal and Gizelle Bryant and Chris and Monique Samuels is getting worse. Jamal has now fired back with a stop and a stop. Samuels’ family refuses to deny it however and apologizes publicly for Jamal’s claims that the RHOP star abused. If no apology is received, the Samuels are willing to sue.

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Monique Samuels says Jamal and Gizelle Bryant make the friendship; Jamal responds claiming that Samuels’ husband has CTE and is aggressive

In part one of the season 5 reunion, Samuels confronted Gizelle over rumors that her relationship with Jamal is false and for the show. Gizelle denies such a move. But Samuels puts a stop to it all when she delivers a link full of screenshots of texts from Jamal’s true lover.

Per Samuels, Jamal and that woman have been in a long-term relationship. The screenshots suggest the two travel together as Jamal completes his speaking duties. The woman also said that she questioned Jamal about dating Gizelle, and Jamal reportedly replied “that’s just for TV really. ”

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Jamal’s 22-minute response on his Facebook Live denies all Samuels allegations. He also makes his own allegations about Samuels and his family, claiming that her husband who played NFL has CTE and has a history of being aggressive towards women. He also claims that Chris is abusing his wife and that their close friends, and even the Samuels minister, are aware.

Jamal will not give evidence of such, saying that he will not do so in an effort to shame the family of Samuels. Instead he begs Chris to seek help and medical attention for the CTE he claims.

Samuels said Shade and Act in a recent interview that she saw Jamal’s claims as lamentable and of no value.

Jamal Bryant slams Monique Samuels with a stop and a refusal; Samuels and her husband are threatening legal action against Bryant

TMZ reporting that Bryant hit Monique with a break and refusal, forbidding her from talking about him and the romantic relationships he says in public. He complains that Monique is deliberately and mistakenly spreading rumors which he says are wrong. Bryant also says he is now in danger as a result of Monique repeating his phone number on television.

But Monique is not going backwards. She calls BS on a phone number reference, considering Bravo censored her doing so. Monique also says she has every right to talk about Bryant’s love life. In her legal response, Monique states that “proof of yours is inconsistent [Bryant’s] pregnant sexual behavior with a woman you have seen for the past eight years, as well as others. ”

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Chris also intervenes by sending a letter from Bryant to Bryant. Per Chris, Samuels says he is abusing Monique because he has a CTE, that he is cheating on her and attacking her and that another woman is cheating.

If Bryant does not remove all posts that include comments about Chris and issue a public apology, Chris will sue for character damage.

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