‘RHOP’: Gizelle Bryant’s Reunion ‘Breakdown’ Was Seemingly Edited out By Bravo

There were a lot of spoilers going around Potomac real housewivesseason 5 reunion before it started. A common theme was that Gizelle Bryant kept his feet to the fire and received a lot of pushing back from Andy Cohen and his teammates. Bryant was even deceiving himself. However, when the reunion ensued, although Bryant received much scrutiny, it was not that “breakdown,” as she once called it.

Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger and Monique Samuels in 2017
Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger and Monique Samuels in 2017 | Maarten de Boer / NBC / NBCUniversal tro Getty Images

Giselle Bryant first confirmed spoilers that she was in the hot seat for the reunion

The reunion took place in person in New York and was a social connection away. It was held in person after two more reunions were held almost this year (The real housewives of Beverly Hills and The real Atlanta housewives). Bryant had previously spoken out against the reunion almost on a platform like Zoom.

“Oh my God, I would be so disappointed if there was a Zoom reunion because we have so much to go through and talk about and find out if there was [a Zoom reunion], I would be ashamed, ”she said Digital spy earlier this year.

Just before the reunion air Bravo chat room, Bryant basically confirmed the online rumor reports that she was in the hot seat and under intense scrutiny at the reunion.

“Main [breakdown] recently, and you can see as a little tea for the reunion, I sit there very nice and lovely and everyone and their grandmother came to me for about eight hours – and then in the last two or three hours, I just missed it, ”she said. “Wait and see, it was doozy… it didn’t go well for me.”

“There’s a lot more to it too,” she said. “I’m talking about an explosion full of explosions and explosions. My husband asked a simple question … I guess, why couldn’t you answer the question? ”Samuels said Bryant said“ F ** k you ”again.

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