‘RHOP’ Allegedly Looking To Add Two New Housewives To Replace Monique Samuels

RHOP could be in for a big throwaway shake. In addition to leaving Monique Samuels, there is no certainty about Robyn Dixon’s role on the show for season 6. It has been reported that producers are hoping to bring in two newbies.

Season 5 throw 'RHOP'
Season 5 ‘RHOP’ | Sophy Holland / Bravo

Monique Samuels retires ‘RHOP’ and the fate of Robyn Dixon is unclear

Samuels tells All about tea although she was offered a new contract and signed up to take part in season 6, she stopped after being put off by what she saw in part 3 of the reunion. . According to Samuels, delegates vigorously prepared the reunion to block talks that she says testify to her claim that her compatriots attempted a plot against her family.

“I was delighted to be back and to know this time, that I would be relieved and show my growth but when I saw program three of the reunion, I said, ‘I know What, I can’t do this anymore, ‘”she said. “It might have been a little easier if they had burned me instead of me having to sit down and be real and say I have to walk away. ”

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Leaving Samuels reportedly saved Dixon’s place, as her job was in jeopardy before Samuels retired. Dixon and her lawyers are currently in talks for season 6 but have not signed up. Per All about tea, Dixon is seeking a big pay rise but producers are skeptical if she doesn’t show more depth to her story with Juan.

Representatives don’t argue that the Dixon’s are above heels in love. Entering season 6, it has been reported that producers want marriage talks or a Dixon film about them expanding their family. Robyn has said that Juan wants a young girl.

Producers are said to be looking for two new housewives for season 6 of ‘RHOP’

With Samuels gone and an Dixon contract still anonymous, producers are said to be scrambling to get new ones. Brand Jasmine reporting that no one expected Samuels to go out. In fact, they were hoping to see how things would play out in season 6 between Dillard and Samuels – and whether the team would still be divided.

Dillard, however, promised never to make a film with Samuels again. Bryant also made it clear that she did not feel safe around Samuels, giving the reunion a security guard and during a final scene she filmed with Samuels on display.

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“Potomac needs to fill Monique’s role on the show. Before Monique stopped, production was expected after Monique and Candiace after that – will they reconcile? Will the team stay divided? Now that she’s gone, they need to explore new people, ”the source tells The Jasmine Brand. They hope to add two new women to the team.

Wendy Osefo became a full-time housewife in season 5 and is said to be returning for her second season. The professor and political commentator is close to Dillard, and also has relationships with Dixon and Bryant. During the season 5 reunion, Osefo and Huger cleared the air from the value of a season of kicks and promised a fresh start.

Charisse Jackson Jordan is said to be waiting to return to the concert. Jackson Jordan was a full-time member during the first two seasons. She returned as a friend to the show in season 3 but has not appeared in a similar role since.

All about tea reports that Jackson Jordan is desperate to return and will go so far as to reveal his co-stars to secure a place.

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