‘RHONY’: Was Cassandra Grey the Real Reason Why Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill Are No Longer Friends?

Did Carole Radziwill come from The real housewives in New York City just backed up the claim that Bethenny Frankel turned on her without denying access to a friend who might be set for more power?

Carole Radziwill, Tinsley Mortimer, Bethany Frankel
Carole Radziwill, Tinsley Mortimer, Bethany Frankel | Eugene Gologursky / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Radziwill recently commented on a story circulating on Twitter about how Frankel was trying to link Radziwill to his friend Cassandra Gray. Brad Gray was the husband of Gray, CEO of Paramount who died in May 2017. When Frankel and Fredrik Eklund filmed their short series Bethenny & Fredrik, apparently she knew the series was sinking and wanted to get into Radziwill’s inner circle that included Gray’s extensive contact list.

When Radziwill did not surrender, Frankel became angry, which is why the two complained about the series. The idea was shared on Twitter by a fan, but then Radziwill made an interesting comment on the theory. “Wow, and to think that I appeared on Frederik’s show,” she said tweet. “The representatives begged me to do that look in the eyeglass shop. Damn if I had experienced everything. Ugh. ”

Carole Radziwill and Cassandra Gray have been friends for years

The theory suggests that Frankel pressed for an invitation to hang out with Gray but Radziwill did not think it would be appropriate. The idea was that Gray’s binders could bring a gateway to a production deal for Frankel. Frankel was apparently angry that Radziwill had not invited her. And Radziwill was blind about the conflict when RHONY filmed.

Radziwill has not confirmed the theory but she is close friends with Gray. She said Elle they have been friends for years. “I’ve known Cassandra since she was just a puppy,” she said.

Radziwill also said she is done with reality television for good. “I think my years of truth are behind me! She asked. “I’m interested in more scripted television shows. There is one show in the crime scene and I would be like the talent on the air for that. I’m also developing two script partners… It takes a long time to get a project up and running, so my strategy is to work on three or four different things and hopefully one of them. ”

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