‘RHONJ’: Kim D Reveals Who Ratted Out Joe Giudice

Joe and Teresa Giudice from The real housewives in New Jersey on profiteering about who they turned in for bank fraud, mail, wire and bankruptcy.

Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola
Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

The couple wondered if it was Caroline Manzo or her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita. But RHONJ Friend Kim DePaola claims he was not a member of the team.

“The man who retreated from Joe was Joe’s partner,” DePaola told the Look What are crappens podcast. “I don’t know his name. But they can hear everything they want about who figured out who or what. ”

“Joe Giudice was reportedly told, ‘Do the right thing with your partner or there will be major problems,'” she said. “And it didn’t. And I think when I hear it, that’s how the ball started to roll. ”

She wants no one from the Joe Giudice team turned up

DePaola also said Laurita and Manzo had nothing to do with turning Giudice into the authorities. “It wasn’t Jacquiline,” she said. “It wasn’t Caroline. None of these people. Of course not. None of us would stop so low to do something like that. ”

One reason Giudice suspected Manzo was that she had prophesied earlier in the season that Joe and Teresa Giudice would separate and “maybe something would happen where someone had to go somewhere. ”

Teresa Giudice, Kim Depaola and Joe Giudice
Teresa Giudice, Kim Depaola and Joe Giudice Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

DePaola was referring to the story “Melissa Strippergate” when she talked about the fights. “And the Melissa sweetheart thing,” she said. “Remember that?”

“Listen, I didn’t tell any of the girls what was going on as far as ‘Strippergate’ but everyone knew something was going to happen at the fashion show,” she said. DePaola. “Teresa was the one who told everyone she was a prostitute. Along with one of Joe ‘s best friends who told me that he used to go to Lookers to see her. Teresa knew she was a prostitute. Teresa said that was why she did not like her family. ”

DePaola said the Giudice and Gorga hated each other. Giudice was angry when Gorga came on the show “behind her back.”

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