‘RHOC’: Shannon Beador Is Dragged on Social Media After Tone-Deaf Instagram Posts

Social media seems to be the heels of Achilles The real housewives in Orange County cast like Shannon Beador has been taking a hot spot for social media shares lately.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Shannon Storms Beador
Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Shannon Storms Beador | Casey Durkin / Bravo

Beador posted three times on Instagram about her Mexican Christmas approach with friends and family. She said his group followed all “COVID protocols” but that fans were angry after Beador felt scared of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the current season.

Beador eventually gets COVID, probably from her daughters who were all infected due to socialization. She was happy with the other members that she could not get the virus because she was being vaccinated and then she was scared when she learns that she is also infected.

Fans can’t believe Shannon Beador is missing her vacation

While millions of families are struggling to pay bills or go without seeing a family during the pandemic, Beador shared a dinner photo and video with the two of them. Some fans stood by Beador but most pulled her out for being so insensitive.

Comments began with the first post of friends and family at dinner. But Beador continued to post it. “Never complain about getting covid again,” said one person he said on the picture of the unexplored team at dinner.

Unfortunately, Beador did not read the room. She posted another post, this time a video with one of her daughters. “Trying to be hip… #tiktokerwithmygirl,” she said video caption.

“I have 40 to 50 negative thoughts,” replied one. “Don’t apply for holidays. People are at home alone and suffering from depression. I just have no. The comments were equally angry and the fear was even more pronounced.

“You were so angry with your kids for being kids, you watched them on national TV about being careless… And now here? Wow, ”wrote a fan.

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