‘RHOC’ Newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Has a Shocking Net Worth — So, Who Is Her Ex-Husband?

Primary throwing vibration during hiatus at the Real Orange County Housewives as a result Bravo introduced Elizabeth Lyn Vargas as a new full-time member for season 15. But they still haven’t had a chance to learn much about Elizabeth other than that she looks rich. So what is the net worth of Elizabeth and who was her husband?

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Emily Simpson RHOC
‘RHOC’ stars Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and Emily Simpson Casey Durkin / Bravo

The newbie ‘RHOC’ was going through a divorce as she filmed her first season

Elizabeth’s connection to Kelly Dodd helped her earn her orange in season 15. Just two weeks into the new season, fans are already aware of Missouri’s laid-back lifestyle. She is also not afraid to share personal information and get candid in conversations.

In the first program, Elizabeth shared details of her romantic history. She knew who she was dating, as well as who she was married to.

according to Conclusion, Elizabeth was going through a divorce when she started filming her first season of RHOC. In an Instagram story in July, she told her fans that her divorce was final. Elizabeth admitted she didn’t know how she would feel about it and admitted she was “excited” and “sad.”

“It was the end of an era – I was with the boy for 20 years. Seventeen years but separated for three. Twenty years in all and I’m happy but it’s failing, ”said Elizabeth. “I paid an arm and a leg to get a divorce and get what I thought I needed … and here we are moving to a new level in my life and I’m excited.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas has moved on with a new boyfriend

Elizabeth was married to Bernt Bodal, President and majority shareholder of American Seafoods. The 67-year-old man once appeared Undercover boss and has a net worth of approximately $ 200 million.

She has since moved on and has found a new love with her boyfriend, Jimmy. But according to Bravo’s The daily disc, “She raised her eyes” when she revealed that she and Jimmy had not had sex.

“He just wants to get it right, and he cares for me,” said Elizabeth. “The reason I like it is because it’s a good company, and I know exactly where it is.”

“I’m going to take my life in a new direction to generate income – you know from what I’ve got – I can do it again and you know,” Elizabeth wrote on the Her Instagram story. “Anyone who hits you for success or being a serial entrepreneur or trying a new venture, don’t listen to them. ”

Vargas Vodka appears to be her latest business venture, which she inspired last month.

Recent events of Real Orange County Housewives Wednesday night air on Bravo.

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