‘RHOA’: Kenya Moore Trashes Porsha Williams — Claims She Was Supporting BLM to Improve her ‘Bad Image’

Real Atlanta Housewives Kenya star Moore has had her sex restored with co-star Porsha Williams. More than a year after repairing the relationship, Kenya has accused Porsha of using the Black Lives Matter Movement to improve its “bad image.” In response, Porsha has vowed to pray for her false co-star.

RHOA Porsha Williams Kenya Moore
‘RHOA’ stars Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore Dipasupil / Bravo / NBCU Picture Bank via Getty Images

Kenya Moore questioned whether her co-star was involved in BLM complaints

according to Rant Screen, things between Kenya and Porsha turned bitter again when Kenya questioned Porsha ‘s social activity. Fans will remember that police in Louisville, Kentucky arrested Porsha several times last summer while she was complaining about the murder of Breyonna Taylor.

Recently RHOA episode, Kenya also called Porsha action. She told Kandi Burruss at this point, “it looks like they are putting themselves in a position to be arrested. ”

Ms. USA also took to her Instagram Stories last month to call her co-star and campaigner Tamika D. Mallory. Kenya said Porsha was using the BLM move for personal gain.

This prompted Mallory to defend Porsha’s involvement, and Porsha called on Kenya for not contributing to the fight against racial injustice. But instead of going backwards, Kenya doubled down its claims against its co-star.

Porsha Williams says she will pray for her co-star ‘RHOA’

In its response, Kenya wrote that fans need to watch all season RHOA, not just a program yet to be heard. She added that it was her eyes, ears, and “magna cum laude education” of her friends, not Google.

“I am not here to write a book / get ahead of a bad story / play a victim / use a good cause to help a bad image,” Kenya said. “Speaking of Porsha… you can’t teach me about anything but how to put on a good lace-face and be a freak. ”

Kenya was not made up for the idea of ​​her co-star. Brooklyn mother Doris Daly said Porsha did not ask her harmony to be part of her voting PSA. To add fuel to the fire, she also added some nasty hashtags such as “fake,” pray for real, “and” violence does not mean non-violence. “

“I never had an issue before a snippet of it was sent to me Chat room with my Gizelle harmonies, lying and spreading false information – spoiling, spoiling information – about me and claiming that I was trying to sue Monique to get a down payment on my home, ”said Candiace.

She explained that she responded to Porsha’s comments because she was “smooth”. Candiace said Porsha should be “careful about the lies she tells” as it is a “dangerous move.”

Recent events of Real Atlanta Housewives Sunday nights on Bravo.

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