‘Pretty Little Liars’: 1 Star’s Nightmarish Neighbor Fued Landed Him In Jail

pretty little Liars was a cult-classic TV show that caused a lot of excitement for fans. He was on television for a successful seven years before eventually going out of thin air – but he still lives in the form of online spinoffs and fanfiction. pretty little Liars there have been several famous actors over the years, including Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson. Lots of star actors pretty little Liars has gone on to live relatively undeveloped – however, one of the stars who had a recycling role on the show, Brandon W. Jones, ended up in hot water in early 2016 , after a heated argument with his neighbor.

(LR) Brandon Jones, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario in a courtroom on Pretty Little Liars
(LR) Brandon W. Jones, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario | Eric McCandless / Getty Images

When did ‘Pretty Little Liars’ go off the air?

Based on a series of books of the same name, pretty little Liars debuted on television in 2010 and told the story of five high school girls, who are struggling with the fall that caused their clique boss, Alison, to go missing. Murder and unrest continue in the months that follow from her disappearance, with the girls forced to deal with some hard truths about themselves, as well as their friends and companions.

pretty little Liars it was a huge success with the audience shortly after it stopped, with critics praising the friends and the horrific efforts the show took. Eventually, it stayed on the air until 2017 – and although, the franchise confirmed the power to stay, returning for two spinoffs, Ravenswood and Pretty little binders: The Perfectionists.

Who played Brandon W. Jones on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

pretty little Liars it is famous for featuring a record of talented young stars. One of the young actors to once again take part in the show is Brandon W. Jones, a player with a lot of talent, from playing music to modeling. Jones was born in North Carolina in 1988 and although he showed a natural attachment to sport as a young man, he started working after moving to Los Angeles as a teenager.

Jones found early success as a model, shooting for brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch. By 2011, he had begun moving to full-time work, landing in TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, According to IMDb. In 2012, Jones got his first major break when he was thrown in pretty little Liars as Andrew Campbell, one of Spencer’s competitors, and who took part in some of the show’s most exciting stories.

Brandon W. Jones ended up in jail after a change with his neighbor

Brandon W. Jones continued to act pretty little Liars for several years, and things seemed to be going smoothly for the young star. However, he was temporarily suspended in the summer of 2017, when he was arrested for firing a gun at a neighbor during a heating dispute, according to Refinery29. The arrest in 2017 was not the first time Jones and that neighbor had crossed paths – People they reported that, in late 2015, Jones and the neighbor entered a discount where they alleged that Jones showed a concealed handgun. Moreover, in early 2016, Jones was arrested after altercation with the same neighbor.

Jones ‘team tried to explain his 2017 arrest in a statement, which read in part, “We understand that the gun in Mr Jones’ possession was completely legal and registered, that he had his girlfriend’s private property, and that he and his girlfriend felt that they were in danger in a dispute with neighbors. ” Jones served a 180-day sentence, along with community service and anger management classes in return for the change. However, the young actor has lived without trouble for years since then and has continued to perform in several TV shows.

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