‘Power Book II: Ghost’: What to Expect in the Finale Episode

Power Book II: Phantom viewers have been captivated by their first scene in September. With the end of the season fast approaching, some are even more worked up, with anticipation and excitement about what might happen next. Read on to see everything we know so far about the Power Book II: Phantom season no end.

Kemp also spoke about the driveway at the bar earlier in the night and how it affected everyone in attendance. “I don’t think any of them will be the same,” she continued, adding: “It’s very interesting to see how Cane tries to work his way back to the family. ”

At Stansfield, there seems to be a drama with the professors. Professor Carrie Milgram promises Zeke in the trailer that she is going to “correct” the situation she created with law enforcement on campus. But judging from the way Jabari Reynolds, who is increasingly suspicious, views her after a meeting with Zeke, that may be her least troubling problem.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, the season is likely to go off with a bang either. At the end of the trailer, there is a Maclean-like voice saying, “I thought this would end in many ways, but not like this.”

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