‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Tariq Has Something Big Up His Sleeve Ahead of His Court Date, According to Fans

Tha Tariq St. Patrick finally goes to court. The character at the center of Starz’s Power Book II: Phantom He will appear in a January 3 program to confess the murder of his father, James “Ghost” of St. Patrick. But with his knowledge and his sad ways, some viewers think Tariq has something else in mind.

Is Tariq up to something?

Ahead of episode 10, there has been a theory going around on social media that Tariq will not admit but instead force others for their crimes.

“WE HAVE BEEN INVOLVED ONLY.,” one person wrote on Twitter, earning more than 6,000 appearances.

“Tariq takes everyone down with him as he features Saxe & Davis when called up to his stand,” another fan tweeted along with a clip from New Jack Chair (1991) when gangster Nino Brown arrested a companion during his day in court.

Making similar claims, the third person they posted a picture of Tariq saying, “This MF finna put her mind out in the courtroom 😭.”

But who really knows what will happen. Find out when the last season of Power Book II: Phantom air at 8pm ET on January 3 on Starz.

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