‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season Finale Recap: Pow. Tariq Does What Needed to Be Done

After looking at the end of the season Power Book II: Phantom, Tariq shows that he has elements of Ghost, Tasha, Tommy, and Kanan.

With a courtly appearance looming over his head and the knowledge that Davis and Saxe were working together, he went into this last prepared program. Remember how Ghost boasted of always being three steps ahead of his enemies? That skill runs in the family.

In addition, one or two characters have received predictions that many fans are already saying, “Finally!” This is a repeat of the end of the season full of surprises.

Tariq features Saxe

In court, Tariq stands up and becomes wise. Tameika in the courtroom guides him with her faces. He tells everyone that Truth had a Saxe with a gun the night James was killed. Saxe tries to redirect the quiz, but Tariq reveals that Saxe followed him to the graveyard on his birthday.

Tariq takes control of the exchange and tells Judge Saxe that someone drank a drink and followed him to his father’s grave where he heard him speaking in the graveyard. “Who helped you, Mr. Saxe? Who gave me alcohol? Riley is in there too, lowering her head.

Things go awry when the judge asks Saxe if all this is true and Tariq says that. It can name everyone involved from the start of the trial. Davis wants a break.

They return to the judge’s rooms and Ott explodes inside to kick her out. Thanks to Tameika, he knows more. It affects everyone. Ott gets on with the two lawyers, Tasha, and Tariq, and offers a contract. She has to put a rat on Tommy and she can go into witness protection.

Saxe tries to intervene, but Ott puts it down by saying it was “put out by Jason Derulo over here. “Tasha takes the contract but does not intend to honor it.

As she leaves prison, reporters await her statement. She throws Davis’ notes away and tells reporters that she’s excited to reunite with her family. Davis announces the start of the hunt for Tommy Egan.

Tasha asks Tariq to pack so they can run. He’s worried about Monet’s worries, but Tasha will handle him.

On campus, Riley found Brayden and is not interested. She goes over Tariq’s name and Brayden takes up the drug incident. She warns that Tariq will find him injured or killed.

Zeke visits Tariq in his room and catches him up about the basketball players in question as Dru’s name comes up. He can’t contact Dru but he wants to let him know.

Tariq did not know about GTG’s situation and meets Diana. He explains that her name came to be known in the search for Druim. She is worried about Cane and Tariq tells her that she has her back.

Jabari seals what happened to himself

Later, Tariq joins Brayden who still wants to continue the app’s activity even though the Tasha lawsuit is over. They agree to speak later. After receiving Jabari’s text, Tariq goes to his office.

Jabari takes up the survey, Zeke, and Dru. He then becomes bold and tells Tariq that he knows he is involved in everything. The Tejadas, drug dealers, and the gang. He then composes a piece for writing about Tariq’s life in a novel and offers to share the advance. Tariq wants to say that only Jabari smiles at him with a smile and the idea that the cops might find out about him.

Santana walks into the office to check the status of those interviews. Tariq takes that as a lump to leave and tells Jabari that he will think about it.

Tommy is back

Tasha enters Monet’s bar asking Tariq to buy him out of the game. They go back and forth and Monet says that Tariq is the man who made Tasha him to be. Monet says Tariq belongs to her now and will not give up her activity.

As they chat, shots pour into the bar and hit the deck. Monet’s muscle is killed and after he stops, Tasha runs to the window in time to see a blue Mustang driving off. Tommy !!

Tasha runs to Tariq’s dorm and manages to pack it as Tommy is a killer. “So am I!” arsa Tariq. He doesn’t want to go. He asks Tasha to settle down and get Yasmine while figuring out their financial situation. Tariq then looks at Jabari’s number.

Monet and Lorenzo meet in the prison room together to discuss Rico and Ramirez. Lorenzo wants her Cane back on the team, and she says she needs Ramirez. Once Lorenzo doesn’t mention a new guy about Ramirez working for him, he clicks that he looks like he’s dead.

Monet confronts Cane in his warehouse about Ramirez. He sculpts himself again at gunpoint, and Monet goes off about his bad choices. He gives up Tariq and says she can trust him but Cane can’t. Now he’s terribly pissed.

Tariq follows Tommy down outside Cash’s house and waits for his car. Tommy is not happy to see it and says the family connections are made. Tasha is on his hit list. Tariq offers a solution to get the feds out of it.

Tommy ‘dies’

Saxe learns that Tommy is back in town through Davis. Tommy BMW apparently stole his mother to go after Tasha.

The scene shifts to Saxe in the back seat of a Tasha car. It’s a day stop to catch Tommy but Tariq and Tasha have something else in mind. Saxe talks smack about wit-sec to Tasha and asks her to drive.

Tommy follows and confirms that the feds are on his tail. A car chase continues as the BMW crashes into a gas pump and explodes. Saxe and the other cops are crazy that Tommy is gone.

It’s night and Tariq meets Jabari in the park to get the money he promised for the story. Jabari tries to pressure Tariq about the incident at the pool and names Dru. A bullet hits out. He is a Cane and accuses Tariq of founding the Tejadas.

Tariq says he’s one of Zeke’s professionals and if they’re both dead, it will bring the heat down on Monet and Zeke. He reveals how many times Cane has gone up, convincing him that he can take away all the drama. Tariq then says that they have to do something about Jabari, and that they can do it with Ramirez ‘s gun.

Cane delivers the piece and Tariq asks him to go where there are a lot of people. Tariq turns to Jabari with the gun and explains that his family comes first, and that the professor knows too much. Boom! He pops it in the head but most of those viewers have seen it coming. A canister behind a tree is smiling.

Saxe is a cat with 100 lives, Tariq outshines Tommy

Saxe is packing his office again when Davis walks in. He offers Saxe a job at his firm because he knows the secrets of the U.S. Attorney’s office. Saxe is alive fighting another day.

At the dorm, Tariq gets a call from Tommy to confirm that the feds who bought his death are fake. Tommy lies and says he’s getting on the highway, and Tariq lies and says his family is running away. Don’t worry about Tasha doing an experiment. They don’t trust each other, and Tariq calls someone for favor before meeting his mother in the cemetery.

Tasha reveals that she left Yasmine with her mother. She and Tariq run. They don’t see Tommy in the shade, but reps go up in a caravan. Tariq called them to put Tasha in a wit-sec. Tommy missed his chance this time.

Tasha bids farewell to Tariq and leaves with the feds. Tommy angrily grabs Tariq and cries about being slippery. He should have been on Pop Tasha when he had the chance, he says. With his arm around Tariq’s neck, Tommy promises to kill Tasha.

He feels a gun in the back of his head and asks who has the balls to draw one on him. It’s Monet. They exchange words and she is ready to set fire to the driver. Tariq tells her not to shoot and Tommy warns that if he is free, he goes after Tasha. Tariq just wanted her to have a head start.

Tommy looks around and tells Tariq that he’s just like a Ghost with the setup. He leaves, warns Monet, and tells Tariq that he will never see him again.

Monet learns that Tariq actually killed his father and says, “Ghosts will never die.” Monet’s last line is “Let’s go. The family is waiting. ” Forward to season 2.

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