‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Let’s Talk About That Blue Mustang and ‘All the Smoke’

What about that Power Book II end-of-season? Those who were skeptical of the Tariq as a Ghost 2.0 saga would deserve a change of mindset with the last few events, and in the coming season, fan predictions came true.

After months of deliberation and hunting for tiny clues, a famous blue Mustang in the frame marked the arrival of someone big. It was great to see UFO land on earth or Jon Snow’s resurrection. PowerRoll up a key killer and turn the program on.

“Many men, many, many, many, many people… Death wants me.”

Tariq helped Tommy try the feds but it’s not over

While Tasha created this mess for Tommy, Tariq came up with a plan to take the feds off his back. After explaining to Tommy – no more Uncle Tommy – killing his mother would not end his problems, the OG was not trying to hear. ‘I want the smoke,’ said Tommy.

Tariq devised Tommy relieving his death in that car chase, but Tasha’s beef is not over. Tommy was willing to bury him in the graveyard and Tariq, thinking like a Ghost, stopped the attempt with the help of Monet. Now Tasha is in witness defense and forever escaping.

Tommy ‘Power Book IV: Force’ is expected to have a violent spinoff

The Power Book II: Phantom Finale helped a little to establish Tommy’s spinoff story. The world thinks he’s dead and has parted ways with the St. Patricks, so if he gets back into the NYC drug game, things can go either way.

At the end of Power Season 6, Tommy went to California, but not before he made enemies out of the Serbs, Paz, and two Italian mob families (Benny’s and Vincent’s). Now that he and Monet are on each other’s radars, maybe the two could meet in a crossover in the future.

Power creator / showrunner Courtney Kemp shared a few suggestions about the new series and promised lots of action, sex, and violence. She said it was like the OG Power.

Recently Instagram Live session, she also said she has plans for Proctor’s daughter, Elisa Marie, but would not elaborate. The character is rumored to be appearing in Tommy’s series as they both seem to have endless business together.

Remember that Paz was looking for revenge on Angela’s death – something else Tasha was carving on – and that could come back to hating Tommy as well.

If his Mustang sees the city again with none of those characters or Saxe the persistent stripper, he will make for some fire TV. Between his criminal attempts, old beef, and his attempt to kill Tasha, Tommy will be one to watch.

Watch for news Power Book IV: Force.

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