‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Is Professor Carrie Milgram the New Angela?

After program 9 of Power Book II: Phantom, there are still characters who deserved to postpone Christmas. The closer the series draws to the end of the season, the more viewers shout for the ending of the professors: Carrie Milgram and Jabari Reynolds.

They fall deeper into the plot – albeit unknowingly – and Milgram begins to reveal scenes of Angela Valdes. There are parallels between them that may or may not spell doom for Carrie. Here ‘s a look at what these TV characters look like.

Carrie and Angela and their inappropriate relationships

Angela communicated with her colleague Greg and similarly, Carrie and Jabari have a romantic history with tinges of obsession. Greg was obsessed with keeping records of Angela and her dirty affairs and Jabari is doing the same with Carrie.

But then Angela started sleeping with Jamie / Ghost while married to Tasha, after which he discovered his criminal activities. Carrie has sex with a student while trying to remain unconnected and connected to Zeke at the same time. She is now entering his links to crime.

One minute, Carrie wants to treat him like a fling and the next minute, she wants to comfort him and persuade him to talk to groups and turn someone in. Angela was the same way.

Carrie is too nosy and prone to spitting

Out of the many things Angela and Carrie have in common, their headline money is for not being aware of their business. Angela was so close and too close to Tommy and Ghost’s work that she endangered them several times. She wanted to crack the case and lock someone up.

She had to play the part at her job and sometimes her loyalty mixed. Although she finally went to Ghost and started protecting her, it wasn’t so weird for her. And Tommy wanted her to go.

In contrast, Carrie’s entry into the Zeke family seems likely to have cost her dearly. Carrie is also trying to keep her job, but between her worries about Tariq ‘s life and Zeke’ s family tree, she may meet the same race as Angela.

A timely and very necessary Monet threat could turn into something real, or Carrie would find herself in trouble in some other way. She has come very close to tattling to that chop already.

She is also in danger of being burned for her “love affair”, which would not surprise fans.

Time will tell if Carrie is infiltrated by Jabari, Monet, the cops, or even Cane Power Book II: Phantom. But for now, she’s making moves like Angela and we all know how that ended.

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