‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Inspiration for Riley’s Character Came From Fans

Down to the last look at last season, Power Book II: Phantom they became a survival game as appropriate, and some characters just weren’t appropriate. And the series is just warming up.

Tariq keeps his own people and wins over – in the TV show and in the audience – proving that he can be the last person standing. That same idea seems to apply to Saxe and his niece Riley, two ponies in the same undercover pod.

Many fans thought Riley was weird but by the way Power creator Courtney A. Kemp, is the fandom she evicted as a character.

Tariq and Riley in 'Power Book II Ghost'
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ by Andrea Lee Christensen as Riley and Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq | Starz

An account of the activities of Riley Saxe-Merchant

Riley was introduced early in the second half of the season as the daughter of a generous Saxe brother who had to help him overcome a few drugs. She was chased into his re-dog mission to snatch Tariq through Brayden, and from there, she showed off their silly-but-wise ways in the family.

She entered one Stansfield party that Uncle Nancy asked her to watch, and made a point to meet Tariq and Brayden face-to-face. After that connected her to a relationship with Brayden, she went for a ham.

Riley took Tariq’s drug at his own birthday party, spitting through his phone, listening to his conversations, and capturing too many pictures. Worst of all, she connected Tariq’s phone to hers to share his position.

She was essentially an unauthorized agent / informant. Although Riley and Brayden had legitimate feelings for each other, things went awry when Tariq found out the truth. But like Saxe, she lives up to another day’s scheme.

Riley’s idea for existence came from fans, says ‘Power’ presenter

Kemp recently did a Q&A session with fans on Instagram Live and spent a minute talking about Riley inside Power Book 2. She said fans were inspired by the character and her role in the story.

“One of the things I think is interesting is the character Riley – he came up with an idea that came from you,” Kemp told the audience. She picked up Holly from the first chapter of Power and how many fans thought Holly was a hidden cop.

“It was not a secret cop. However, I thought that was so interesting. ‘Wow, what if that person in Tariq’s life was some kind of hidden cop?’ And that’s where the idea for Riley came from, ”she said.

Kemp – who keeps up with the fans’ commentary on the series – commented that she notices how viewers find parallels between Holly and Riley.

What do Riley and Holly have in common?

Longtime viewers may remember how Holly was a Truth waitress when she met Tommy and engaged romantically. After discovering that James was a Ghost, she passed that information up to Angela when she was dragged in for questioning.

She used this to blackmail Angela and was always working to build a space between Tommy and Ghost. Riley moves in the same direction. Tommy stopped Holly to death after he admitted to hiring the Jamaicans to assassinate Ghost.

It’s a miracle that Riley survived in season 1, but that doesn’t mean she won’t enter a more risky business in season 2. She said she loved Brayden, and if she’s as stable as her uncle, she may have decided to work harder to separate from Tariq.

Finally, Christmas could be postponed as well.

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