‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Fans Share Their Opinions on Tariq After the Season 1 Finale

Tha Tariq St. Patrick has changed a lot throughout the Power franchise. Once a great hater of his flagship, useless rebellion, and his offspring to crime, he is now a college student with his own drug business.

Power Book II: Phantom has followed Tariq on his journey and shows just what he has changed from the original series. It’s especially clear last season, when Tariq made decisions that seemed to seal his path and fate. Below, get a repeat of the program and see what people have to say about Tariq’s actions.

Fans can’t believe Tariq’s actions in the end of season 1 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Comments on Tariq ‘s progress to date have been appalling but excited. “I am passionate about developing the character of Tariq St. Patrick. I’m glad he accepts that he’s a villain and he shouts the scenes and makes the pieces move, ” no one tweeted after the end.

Someone else said them, “I went from hating Tariq for the past 6 seasons to now rooting for him. Our boy grew up to be just like this #PowerGhost father. ”

The third Twitter user he looked at him with even more praise, saying, “TARIQ MOTHERF * KING ST. PATRICK !!!!!! THERE IS NO PLAY WITH THIS I CAN’T HAVE ANY !!!!!!!!!! THA GHOST F * CKING SON !!! # PowerGhost # PowerBook2. ”

“That boy Tariq his father SON !!!, we went from hating him to rooting for him 😂 # PowerBook2 # PowerGhost,” the fourth wrote along with a GIF of a battering man.

“Neutral opinion but tariq> ghost #powerTV #powerghost,” read another tweet.

Hopefully Tariq can sustain this trend in other times in the future. We’ll see.

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