‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Fans Predict 2-Bit’s Fate With Tariq

Gangsters, vendors, school books, and murder come together in Power Book II: Phantom to complicate Tariq’s life.

As viewers begin to see scenes of Ghost and Tommy in this chapter of the story, the drug dealing game picks up on three different modes for Tariq.

Now that 2-Bit is officially back in the picture, what does that mean for old man Tommy and the underground St. Patrick’s empire that Tariq is slowly building? Some fans have a theory.

Some fans are speculating that Tariq will hire 2-Bit for his team

After seeing how 2-Bit handled the hitter, many fans think there is an opportunity for Tariq to work with him. Some think he will make 2-Bit his muscles and like the idea of ​​being a wet work guy.

Forward Reddit, this idea gets a draw: “Because Tariq could already turn 2-bit payouts into one of his hittas on the right. Brayden deserves to feel some kind! Bro has been firm since day one. The only thing ** Tariq can trust. A similar debate is taking place on Twitter.

People think Tariq needs to turn the ripping situation around. Another said, “Yeah he’s getting a lil taken away by his hatred. Initially he wants $ 25k in one day. Now he wants $ 50k to kill that man in the tank. He can’t make out $ 75k in one week from a teenager. Tariq 2bit should run the business with it. It could provide any muscle that is needed. ”

Given that Tariq has limited defense on the streets and that 2-Bit is just as brutal about setting people up, the pairing may be what the series needs, even if it’s temporary.

As we all know, 2-Bit doesn’t spin, isn’t afraid to kill, and right now, it needs a steady income. With Cane ready to go back to his family business, time may not work. Why?

Several people need to be shaved or come close to it. That includes Cane, Jabari, Lil Guap, and Riley. That person is 2-Bit.

Others think 2-Bit has to go

There are also some fans who feel that 2-Bit is setting itself up to be taken down the road by Tariq, Cane, or even Tommy (it ‘s going to show up). They believe he could die before the end of the season.

What could make things even more interesting is if he aligns with fellow Queens Cane to get back on the drug-dealing streets. He doesn’t have to be loyal to anyone at this point.

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