‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Episode 8 Recap: Tariq Mixes Pleasure With Business and Jabari Plays With Fire

At the end of program 7 of Power Book II: Phantom, Cane ‘s hatred of Tariq increased and Tariq began to keep more secrecy from Brayden. Will it back up?

In what fans are already announcing the best show of the season, the December 20 installment is a game of cat and mouse with a double-sided chat side. It feels like the OG Power. The professor slows down, Tariq grows up in front of the audience’s eyes, and 2-Bit gets a real gangster. Here is a repetition.

Effie wants to sell coke on site and share the money. He tells her he does not trust her and kicks him out of the room.

2-Bit is on campus and randomly run into Lauren. He asks for directions to the freshman dorm and she tells him he looks too young to be a parent and asks who he’s looking at. “My cousin Tariq.” Following his lead, 2-Bit says not to tell Tariq; it is surprising.

Jabari meets his agent and has a cunning dude about the story. He wants to find out how the drug-dealing family saga ends so he can sell it to a publisher. Jabari feels pressured to finish.

2-Bit knocks on Tariq’s door and hooks it up. Tariq thinks Davis is one of the goats, but 2-Bit tells him that Ghost exists and is now in debt. He fired his gun and demanded $ 24,000 in 24 hours. We love 2-Bit and we know this is a real threat.

Tariq meets with the lawyer in charge of his surety fund to ask in advance. No, but observers learn that it monitors Tariq levels.

Tariq calls Tasha and learns that there is no money hidden around the city, so he asks for advice on trusting a girl he has made dirty in the past. Tasha advises him to turn the script over and make her trust him.

Jabari is out of pocket

Jabari reads Tariq’s paper where he writes about a girl who is in charge of getting into Canonical Studies and has a square boyfriend. Jabari thinks Tariq is referring to Carrie and in a fit of rage, carves his pencil.

Tariq and Effie meet about business. She is suspicious but says he needs money for his mother. He also tells how she was wrong, but she realizes that it was a business and she had to do useless things.

“We are the same,” she said. They kiss, grab a condom, and go down to bed – but it ‘s not visible on camera as not many fans are ready to see Tariq like that.

It’s evening time and Jabari decides to strike Tariq from campus to motel. Tariq meets Dru for a talk shop. Jabari hears and notes Right Course in their conversation. He almost texts a warning to Carrie about Tariq but changes his mind.

The next morning, Effie and Tariq bond together and give her a chance to sell on campus. It wisely omits the information about the app. She thinks he is not selling at all.

Brayden is having lunch with family and learning that his sisters have been getting coke at school. He wants to find the supplier. Back at the office, Jabari examines the Tariq family.

A cane goes wrong and goes backwards

Cane at GTG’s hideout arranges a blow on Tariq. The child is dressed in face paint for the Homecoming basketball game and is given a Cane and Lil Guap shank.

Instead, Tariq and Effie count money and make plans to meet up after the game.

Zeke sees Carrie on campus and asks how he feels about the game. Monet walks up as they chat. She wants to know if it was the teacher who put him on probation.

Monet squirts their energy and looks suspicious. Carrie leaves and Monet presents him with a Rolex, but warns him not to pick things up wrong.

Brayden finds Tariq, wanting to find out who sells coke on campus. Tariq pretends to be unaware and says they are sticking to pills and herbs.

It’s game time and the Tejadas are in the stands. Tariq is in the lobby waiting for 2-Bit and the hitter walks in. Tariq sees the baby looking at him and keeping an eye on him.

He will sit for a minute with the Tejadas. After 2-Bit texts him say he’s at the front, he asks the Tejadas if they want discounted snacks. Only Diana and Cane apply.

Tariq sets out to meet 2-Bit and notices the person who is following him, so he takes off and runs to the pool, texting 2-Bit to capture it. there. Tariq and the baby get into a scuffle and Tariq is almost stabbed until 2-Bit enters.

He hits the boy with a pole and then drowns him, explaining to Tariq that they must finish the job. Tariq picks up a dude’s phone and sees a text asking if he’s dead. 2-Bit takes a picture of their dead beater and removes it. Whoop!

Now, 2-Bit wants more money from Tariq to save his life. The next price is $ 50,000. Rattled but calm, Tariq returns to his chair and waters Diana.

Cane is surprised to be pissed that Tariq is back and hasn’t grabbed his food too, but he gets more pissed when he gets a text from Lil Guap letting him know that the blow has been left and is next.

Cane steps out to make a call on the catcher’s phone. Tariq responds and Cane threatens “Whoever this is”. Now Tariq is paranoid the Tejadas are after him.

The scene cuts to Effie who angrily leaves Tariq’s dorm and runs into Brayden. She has an idea and she accepts Tariq with Lauren. When Brayden’s sister walks up, she greets Effie and asks for more white stuff.

Effie asks her to call BFF Brayden. Ah, Brayden learns that Tariq is selling coke, and Effie goes with it because he stood her up.

A drug wakes up when a substance hits the fan

Zeke and Everett party at the club with their players. Dru calls Zeke and meets them. Dru and Everett have a tight conversation about coming out. Everyone leaves and GTG is waiting for them around the corner.

Lil Guap knocks Zeke to the floor and his gun is aimed at his knee. Dru tries to offer him a new contract to get back in the game. Lil Guap despises his sexuality and also inadvertently tells Cane.

Dru leaves and hits the brakes off Lil Guap and then puts the gun in his face. It doesn’t burn but Everett and Zeke are polluted and run away.

At home, Monet angrily leaves Drum to put Zeke in harm’s way. Their ticket is out of the game.

Dru follows Cane down at his daughter’s house and tells him how his plot upset the whole family. Cane blames his mother for the whole thing with GTG but he also reveals that Lorenzo hit him.

Dru says Monet is unaware that Cane is involved and asks GTG to remove him. Cane agrees. Meanwhile, Tariq calls Tasha and tells her about her effort. She is hot and reaches out to Lorenzo.

She enters Mama Bear mode and walks away from the hit, something Lorenzo doesn’t know about. Tariq and Tasha think Monet is behind him and she threatens the Tejadas.

Dru finds Monet at home on the phone with Lorenzo and she puts all the pieces together with GTG, Tariq, and Cane. She also knows about the body at school. She praises Dru for falling for Cane and tells him that Cane has been expelled from the family after taking out GTG.

In another scene, Cane kills two GTG guns and strikes a deal with Lil Guap. He goes home and Diana tells him that he is fired from the family. She gives him a roll of money and advises him to leave town. He looks up at the window and sees Monet looking down at him. It cracks on the ground.

Back at the dorm, Brayden confronts Tariq about the coke and argues about business and the girls. Brayden is over it. Tariq calls Effie, unaware that she is insane and avoids his calls.

Jabari continues to steal Tariq ‘s paper, but he also decides to download the Correct Course app. He may have been killed.

Tariq and Monet meet at the shore and let her know that he is not dealing with them because of his hit. She admits Cane made it behind her back. But Monet doesn’t want Tasha calling Lorenzo again and asking Tariq not to go after Cane. But, if Cane comes for it, that’s the way it is.

They’re back to distrust and business, and 2-Bit texts Tariq for his next paycheck. In the next episode, Cane is ready to defeat more enemies. Tune in for episode of Power Book II: Phantom on 27 December.

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