Overrated or Underrated? Julie Chen Moonves Ranks Nicole Franzel Against ‘Big Brother’ Players

Fans of Big brother there may forever be a debate on how players are ranked from best to worst. Nicole Franzel is getting a lot of attention this season as she has set a new record for most days at home, and is close to winning again. Julie Chen Moonves stresses whether she is too much or too little. [Warning spoilers for the Oct. 23 episode!]

Nicole Franzel was confident going into ‘Big Brother 22’

Nicole is very polarizing. That would have a strong effect on how fans would rank it against other players.

Moonves gave her views on how Nicole is a player. “I think Nicole is one of the rarest players,” said the host Weekly entertainment. “She came in as an innocent, innocent child in season 16. She didn’t come close to winning then, but she was very funny and unlikely … kind of a sister sister.”

She continued, “Then she sailed to the finals of two in season 18 and innocent innocence helped her take home the win. This season, she’s all grown up. She’s a lot smarter and a lot more of a gamer and a thinker. People in the house don’t see that. but I think we are, the viewers. We’ll see the wheels turn. ”

That misunderstanding may have helped Nicole so far. Fans will have to keep watching to see if the winner can pull off another win.

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