‘Outlander’: Most Intense Scene Had Stuntwoman Actually Throwing Herself Into Flames

Outlander one of the most popular historical plays on the air. The series, based on a collection of popular novels, combines fantasy, historical fiction, and romance in a way that captured the imagination of viewers around the world.

Le Outlander still going strong, many new fans are discovering the series – and learning even more about the production team ‘s overall commitment to making a quality series, even when some stunts is very dangerous. One stunt, in particular, saw a stunt woman put herself in a real fire situation.

Sam Heughan (L) and actress Caitriona Balfe arrive at Starz's "Outlander
Sam Heughan (L) and actress Caitriona Balfe arrive at Starz “Outlander” | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

When did ‘Outlander’ begin television?

In August 2014, Outlander first on the Starz network. The series is set in 1945 and follows the story of a World War II nurse whose whole world was turned upside down when she was magically transported to Scotland in 1743.

There, the nurse finds herself in revolutionary events, and finally meets a famous Highland hero named Jamie Fraser. Despite the fact that the nurse, Claire, is married, she falls head over heels in love with Jamie.

The love story between Claire and Jamie quickly became an audience favorite, with the time travel element of the series setting the show more than anything else on television. Outlander it was a real run for the Starz network, and with its fifth season recently airing, it looks like it will continue to delight viewers for years to come.

‘Outlander’ has received high praise

Outlander this isn’t just an audience – critics have praised the series as well. Outlander has received particular praise for its approach to the various timelines and historical references. The love story between Claire and Jamie has become a big story for centuries, and the actors who live in the roles of lovers with star-studded lovers have won awards and other business honors.

While Outlander which may be based in a joke, the exhibition deals with real historical events. For this reason, exhibitors have dedicated themselves to making the show an immersive, realistic experience, especially in terms of set wear and design. The people who perform stunts on the series are equally enthusiastic – and at one memorable moment, a stunt woman threw herself in a real fire to “sell” the scene.

What was the scene in ‘Outlander’ in which a stunt woman threw herself on fire?

In the season four finale, there is a spectacular scene where Wakefield watches a Cherokee woman throw herself in a fire, after her boyfriend is tied to a shooting bet. The scene brought a bump to the neck of the hardest viewer – and the actors involved certainly made it one of the most exciting moments of Outlander’s fourth quarter.

The stunt woman who played the Cherokee woman was asked to sell “the scene,” making her believe while still safe. According to an action representative Mata B. Roberts, the stuntwoman was dressed in fireproof clothing and covered with protective gel before throwing her into the fire. The fire itself was real, but fortunately, the protective measures put in place worked to prevent it from being injured.

These days, fans are eagerly waiting for more information about the sixth season of Outlander. Although COVID-19 epidemic may take some time to recover, there is no doubt that when it is finally released, people will be able to enjoy the amazing work of stunt and the floral suits that have been so tied to the popular series.

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