‘Outlander’: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alum Katherine Heigl Almost Portrayed Claire

There are endless dramas on television today that try to deliver a great love story. Some are just fine, but others are good. Very few of them, however, are uncertain.

Outlander the love story that really delivers. Fans of the series get to grips with the engaging characters, feel the pain as they face one challenge after another. The talented actors who bring these characters to life seem absolutely perfect for their roles, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing them. However, the lead role almost went to an actress quite differently.

‘Outlander’: A love story that spans centuries

Starz Series, Outlander, an amazingly romantic adventure with a suspenseful plot, intriguing characters, and a taste of science fiction. The historical drama is based on the Outlander novels and follows the life of Claire Randall, a World War II nurse living with her husband in 1945.

The Scottish couple are on their second honeymoon when Claire secretly leaves. She travels back in time to 1743, where she finds herself in the midst of a Scottish uprising against Britain. She becomes part of the rebel group and is in danger of being forced to marry Jamie Fraser.

Claire is prevented from returning home, and as she gets to know Jamie, she finds herself falling in love with him. The couple have difficult problems, from miscarriage to prison sentences to executions.

In 1945, Claire and Frank have their own problems. As soon as Frank learns about the time he travels, he asks Claire to forget Jamie and stay in the present. The series follows Claire as she goes back and forth in time, living two completely different lives with two very different men.

Katherine Heigl played almost Claire

Caitriona Balfe shows the tough, funny Claire. Balfe has done an admirable job bringing Claire to life, capturing her incredible strength and experience. She has a unique chemistry with Sam Heughan (Jamie), which makes their love story more interesting.

Caitriona Balfe was not the first choice of actresses Claire played, according to Floss mind. At first, Outlander it wasn’t even intended to be a TV series – it was going to be a feature film. Anatomy Gray alum Katherine Heigl was the top choice to represent Claire. The star was pretty sure she would play the role, as she looked at in a 2010 interview The New York Times.

Claire was not the only character who was almost represented by a different actress. Acting greats Liam Neeson and Sean Connery were considered for Jamie’s role, if the TV show had been a film instead.

In the end, the creators of the show went a different way and decided that a series would be a better benefit to the stories. Although they did not choose Heigl for the main role, it took them a while to find the perfect Claire. They ended up selecting Balfe for the lead role just weeks before filming began.

Is Season 6 coming soon?

Outlander fans are going through a rough stretch right now, inevitably waiting Season 6 of the show of love. Like many other television programs and films, the production Outlander a set was postponed due to a global pandemic. The crew and crew cannot start filming in Scotland for next season, and it is unclear when they will return to a set.

Sam Heughan (who portrays Jamie Fraser) was on ITV This morning in June. While on the show, the magical actor commented that the team had recently received scripts and were dressed. But since then, executive producer Maril Davis has said Outlander one of the least COVID-friendly shows out there, because of the huge number of extras the set wants. Because COVID protocols limit the number of people placed, it has been difficult to find a way to resume filming so far. Season 6 may not be coming soon for fans, though: The awful weekend to Season 5 has left many of us on the edge of our seats, eagerly waiting to see how the Frasers deal with their latest disaster.

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