‘Outlander’ Fan Conned Out of Her Life Savings By a Man Posing as Sam Heughan

An Outlander A fan who thought she was in a relationship with star Sam Heughan is heartbroken after getting out of her life saves.

A New Yorker named Anna has reported that someone standing as Heughan tied out nearly $ 50,000. She has now hired a private investigator to try to find out who was behind the scheme.

Sam Heughan Outlander
‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan Amy Sussman / Getty Images

The dog began while Anna was searching for information about the habits of ‘Outlander’ fans.

according to The daily schedule, the dog started in September 2019 when Anna was looking online for information about him Outlander fan assembly. She explained that she and her friends were great Outlander fans, and wanted to go to a conference in New Jersey. However, she had difficulty finding information about him.

“So I came across an account for Sam Heughan on Facebook and contacted him, hoping a member of his team might get back to me with information about the incident,” recalled Anna. “A blue tick on the census indicated that it was true and had been confirmed. I got a response that said, ‘It’s me, it’s Sam. ‘I replied,’ That’s right. ‘ ”

Anna states that the next response she received was “that it was real Sam” and explained. Heughan’s imposter told her that he enjoys responding in person sometimes to connect with fans.

She says she wasn’t sure at first. However, Anna says they kept talking and the man sent her an email address. Finally, they communicated daily on Google Hangouts.

“He would talk about his life, telling me about what and where he was filming. I checked his social media and researched it, ”said Anna.

Imposter Sam Heughan did not initially ask for money

Anna remembers the dog artist being “very nice.” She says he didn’t mention anything about money at first. Instead, he was interested in getting to know her.

“He would call me queen and describe me as his wife. He said it started to make me feel, ”said Anna.

After proving his feelings, Anna says the dog man told her she could make money by investing in Heughan whiskey brand, Sassenach Spirits. She describes it as “very good,” and as if it were offering her a job.

The dog man went a long way to keep the dog up. Anna says he made a video call, but it only lasted a second. She says it was like “someone with a hat.” However, there was so much light in the back, she couldn’t “say anything at all.”

“The sound didn’t work until I heard nothing. He never tried again. He always apologized and said he had problems with connections, ”said Anna.

The ‘Outlander’ fan is fighting back after realizing he was scammed

Over one year, Anna sent nearly $ 50,000 to the smuggler, whom she believed were an investor in Sassenach Spirits. She submitted documents stating that she would receive approximately $ 8,000 per month in addition to $ 100 for each bottle of whiskey sold.

She was also contacted by a former United Bank manager. They asked for details to open an account to handle her money. And, she received emails that looked like they were from a real Scottish law firm. They demanded more money for his role as “Sassenian ambassador. ”

In addition to clearing out her savings account, Anna issued her credit cards and took out loans. When she began to become suspicious, she demanded her money back. However, instead she received more requests for money.

“I wanted to find out. I wanted my money back. But they said you have to pay for a code to get the money. I kept saying, ‘I don’t have it.’ I paid more money on my credit cards. I can’t believe it happened to me, ”said Anna.

Because she willingly donated her money, Anna felt that her only course of action was to hire a private investigator. The goal is to find the fraudster and “stop this from happening to anyone else.”

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