‘Outlander’: Diana Gabaldon Now Defends Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser Casting After ‘Grotesque’ Audition Tape

To millions of followers, Outlander one of the best television shows in the last decade. The historical romance combines many genres, delighting viewers with each successive season.

There is no doubt that the actors involved are a big part of why the series is so successful. The series’ stars, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, have both received high praise over the years.

However, there was a time when Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the books on which the series is based, was not at all sure about Heughan, and even beat him through the testing process.

Sam Heughan Outlander
‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan Michael Kovac / Getty Photos for STARZ

What is ‘Outlander’ all about?

Outlander First released on the Starz network in 2014. The 1945-based series tells the story of a former World War II nurse named Claire, who is magically transported to Scotland in the 1743. While in Scotland, Claire meets a Highland Highland hero named Jamie, as the two begin a decades-long love relationship.

The basics could be awful, but the realistic setting, elegant costumes, and positive performances helped the main actors to “sell” a concept. Outlander, and shortly after its cessation, it became one of the most popular television shows. The fifth season of the show has recently run, and while the sixth season has been delayed for some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans have just as much investment in the show as they always were.

Who will play Jamie in ‘Outlander’?

The actors in Outlander do a lot to make the show so popular, with Sam Heughan at the forefront. Like Jamie, Heughan captured the imagination of viewers everywhere, certainly playing the role of a Scottish hero who is in love with a time-traveling woman.

Before he worked in Outlander, Heughan had made a name for himself in a number of BBC roles and has experience even in the theater.

Heughan’s main role was Jamie Fraser Outlander. He has been widely acclaimed for his work, and has won several awards, including the People’s Choice Award in 2017 and the Saturn Award in 2019.

In the years since he started starring Outlander, Heughan has spread his fame to several famous projects, including films such as The spy I dug and Bloody eye. As successful as it is these days, however, there was a time when Heughan was not what Diana Gabaldon thought of her literary hero, and who was strongly opposed to playing Jamie on screen.

Author Diana Gabaldon originally thought Sam Heughan was ‘grotesque’

In 2015, Diana Gabaldon opened about the testing process that Sam Heughan went through to end Jamie’s career. According to Gabaldon, it did not affect her at first.

“With Sam, he was the first person to be thrown,” said Gabaldon. “They sent me his test tape and said,“ we think we’ve found Jamie. “This is four days after they started watching. I was surprised, because we thought it would take six months. ‘They said they were sending me the test tapes, but I was on the road, so I put it away on my iPhone as we were driving. At this point he didn’t have much film work and just a series of weird pictures. ”

Gabaldon explained that the images attached to his IMDb page were not very smooth, which the author took to text exhibitors, shouting “this guy is grotesque, what do you think? ”

Gradually, however, Gabaldon became convinced that Heughan was perfect for the part, and these days, she says the “grotesque” statement is a joke between the two. These days, Gabaldon is proud of the work that Heughan has done Outlander, and told that she is “surprised” by his ability to absorb full character.

Of course, when Weekly entertainment Asked Gabaldon about how fans react when fans question the throw, she replied: “They read that Jamie is head-and-shoulders above the crowd, which is why everyone else in the 18th century was 5 feet 8 inches. Sam is No head-and-shoulders above everyone, so everyone thinks it’s puny. It should be bigger. His hair is not red enough. He went on and on. Finally I wrote a little bit and said, look, do you have any idea what actors are really doing? Actors at work. They incorporate the character. It does not matter what they look like outside of some rough physical parameters. Then I explained to them what Sam had done in his lab. I wasn’t expecting anything when they sent me the test tapes, but five seconds in, I thought it looked okay. Five more seconds, it was Jamie Fraser. I was surprised. ”

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