‘Outlander’ Author Diana Gabaldon Confirms She Is ‘Close to Finishing’ Book 9 Weeks After Teasing Claire’s Fate

It looks like there is good news at last Outlander fans in the middle of the longest Droughtlander ever. Author Diana Gabaldon has just revealed that she is “nearing completion” of book nine Outlander series, Go tell the bees that I am gone.

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Diana Gabaldon with ‘Outlander’ stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Todd Williamson / Getty Images for Starz

The author ‘Outlander’ has several books in the works as she does not write serially

As Cheat Sheet previously reported, Gabaldon revealed in August that she was getting close to finishing book nine. She shared some inside information when she appeared Outlander executive producer Maril Davis on the Outlander Summer End series on The Outlander Collector Facebook page.

Gabaldon said at the time that fans want to know “when the book is coming out.” But she admitted she didn’t know.

“I’m very close to writing it. As for what it is, it is a very interesting book, especially now that I am in the final stages and I know all that is left. I can’t say there is no tragedy, ”said Gabaldon.

When Davis asked her if that would happen to “someone we love”, she said that the best answer she could give was “it’s not Jamie (Sam Heughan).” ”

Gabaldon also has plans for an Outlander prequel that will focus on parents Jamie, Brian and Ellen Fraser. She has also written chapters of book ten, the last book in the Outlander series because she does not write linearly. Instead, Gabaldon writes chapters as they come to her.

Diana Gabaldon tweets that fans have been waiting for good news

On October 18, a fan tweeted at Gabaldon to let her know that they were on the last book published in the Outlander series. They were completing book eight, Written in the blood of my own heart.

The fan wrote that they were sad to finish the book because then they will be near the end of the story. They also thanked Gabaldon for taking an interest in reading again.

In response, Gabaldon wrote, “Well sta .stay tuned. I am very close to finishing the ninth book – GO TELL THE BEES GO I GONE. #somethingtolookforwardto ”

But just because Gabaldon is nearing completion, that doesn’t mean fans should expect an immediate release. Mar Clarie and Jamie notes, the book has been in the works for several years. Ultimately, the release date is up to Gabaldon publishers.

Fans are hoping to release them in time for Christmas. But the publishers will not set a release date until Gabaldon is officially ready. In the meantime, fans can get their share Outlander arranged with the book of Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish Clanlands, due out November 3rd.

Diana Gabaldon promises ‘Outlander’ meaningful readings after book release

When Go Tell the bees that I’m gone hitting bookstores, Claire and Jamie reports that Gabaldon makes meaningful readings. Instead of making a book tour in the midst of the pandemic, Gabaldon is making other plans so she can still connect with fans.

In August, a fan asked if Gabaldon would do a book tour after the book was released. They explained that meeting the author would be something they could check on their bucket list.

“I’m pretty sure, with the Virus and everything, but we have to see. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere down the road! ” Gabaldon tweeted.

When the fan asked about meaningful readings, Gabaldon said, “I’m sure I will.”

Gabaldon has yet to finish the book, so nothing is set in stone. But the author says “soon.” And many fans are hoping that means by the end of 2020.

Season 1 through 5 of Outlander available on Starz on Demand and Amazon Prime Video.

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