‘NYPD Blue’: Gordon Clapp Came In For a Guest Role and Stayed For 12 Years

NYPD Gorm is a prestigious police drama that, for many, personifies all that is true of the genre. For years, it was one of the longest running television shows, attracting fans of all ages and interests. Hiring an ensemble team, NYPD Gorm featuring many talented players in the lead roles – including the popular character actor Gordon Clapp. Clapp played Detective Greg Medavoy, a fan-favorite character who was around for the entire series. However, there was a time when exhibitors only expected Clapp to play a small part in the show which eventually helped him become so popular.

Gordon Clapp on NYPD Blue, leaning over the edge of a building in front of a city
Gordon Clapp on NYPD Blue | Eric Liebowitz / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

When did ‘NYPD Blue’ start on television?

In 1993, when NYPD Gorm originally on television, there were few television drama dramas. The show, with his humorous depiction of life in the 15th Precinct detective team in Manhattan, immediately began drumming. Fans come in, week after week, to see how the squad would handle issues that often plagued murder, sexual assault and eviction.

Viewers weren’t the only ones who couldn’t stop talking NYPD Gorm. Critics praised the series for the hard, reasonable way in which the cases were handled, and the way in which the series presented officers and staff as having to deal with the trauma of the issues. which they handled. In the end, NYPD Gorm it ran for over twenty years, with the last season aired in 2005. These days, it is still considered one of the best police plays ever broadcast, and thousands of fans watch their favorite events every year.

Gordon Clapp will play Detective Greg Medavoy on ‘NYPD Blue’

In the ensemble of characters on NYPD Gorm, one man stood out, in particular. Detective Greg Medavoy, often a humorous relief for some tight scenes in the series, was a man with a lot of talent – as well as the longest running regular character in the show’s history, according to IMDb. Medavoy, played by former character actor Gordon Clapp, was a skilled detective, with many years of experience working on the most difficult issues in Manhattan.

Although Medavoy was often the subject of manipulative jokes and experienced a lot of tragedy in his personal life, he never lost his love for his career and his commitment to his colleagues. When NYPD Gorm ending in 2005, paving the way for other high-profile cop shows in the process, Medavoy was one of those characters who found it hard for fans to let go.

Originally Gordon Clapp only appeared on ‘NYPD Blue’ as a guest

There were a lot of fans who couldn’t think NYPD Gorm without the contributions of Gordon Clapp. However, there was a time when his character should only be a guest with a small role. As Clapp revealed in a 2018 interview with Variety, “I applied for a guest post and ended up staying for 12 years. I was almost a member of Bochco Rep… They were looking for people to fill the squad, so I did interviews. ”

Clapp explained how “there was a man who was a guest arbitrator, and it was about a seven-page view, it was very intense. And then there was this other guy, Medavoy. I look at him, and I thought ‘Okay, I want to put my eggs in Medavoy’ s basket, ‘because he has a desk in the squad’ s room, and maybe I can come back and sit at that desk a couple of times if. this works out. “Obviously, it worked out, because Medavoy became not only a fan favorite but a character that was essential to the success of the series.

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