Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ Has a Premise Similar to a Hit ABC Show

Lupine currently sitting in the top 10 at Netflix, a sign that the French series is catching on with viewers.

Stabilized as a heist-meet-vengeance story, the crime drama is based on novels about a noble thief who violates his targets, the law, and the real lies. For those who are already fans of Netflix’s Lupine, they may notice that the show has elements similar to the ABC TV show.

Lupine is similar to ‘White Collar’ as well

In the “noble man” category, Netflix Lupine also goes well with old US Network hits, White collar. Matt Bomer Neal Caffrey, a clever thief and spy has always played 10 steps ahead of the FBI and its targets.

Eventually, he was hired by the organization to help them solve white collar crimes, but sometimes the past would catch up with him and lead to more trouble.

The slow thunder, forgery scams, and dog games were entertaining and the audience was rooting for a professional scammer. Neal and Assane have a few things in common.

Stream the first five programs of Lupine on Netflix.

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