‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Claims That 1 Major Storyline for Season 18 Is Still ‘a Bit of a Mystery’

The new wait NCIS events are almost over. When the pandemic forced the team and the team to shut down production back in March, they came to season 17 four early events. The production team also had to wait an additional two months to start season 18. But now, they are back to work and CBS has announced a date. However, star Wilmer Valderrama (Nick Torres) says that “one main story this season is a bit of a mystery. ”

Season 18 NCIS
‘NCIS’ stars Mark Harmon and Wilmer Valderrama Patrick McElhenney / CBS via Getty Images

CBS announces date for season 18 of ‘NCIS’

according to Press release, season 18 de NCIS starting with events that didn’t get a chance to produce last season. This includes the 400th special program in the series.

“Episode 21 [of season 17] there were two days away from production, ”co-presenter Frank Cardea said in April. “The sets have been lifted and are now locked at our levels, the venues have been drawn, the actors have been…. Maybe that’s what we shoot first. ”

After a long wait, CBS has just released their drop line. It includes the premiere dates for NCIS, as well as the other results NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. Other LA and NOLA results appear first on the same night – Sunday, November 8th.

That night, the network will also begin broadcasting “fan-favorite episodes” of it NCIS from the first 17 seasons. Favorite events are regularly aired on Sunday afternoons throughout the evening. As for the premiere of season 18, that will happen on Tuesday, November 17th.

The new events are expected to be available immediately on the CBS website and at CBS All Access once they have gone online.

Wilmer Valderrama says 1 main story remains a ‘mystery’

Earlier this year, that was confirmed NCIS star Maria Bello (Jack Sloane) would be leaving the show this season. according to Express, Bello will be in eight shows this season before she leaves.

But neither the showman nor the actress has revealed how and when she will leave. According to Valderrama, Bello’s departure remains “a mystery.” He explained that they “see it” as they go.

“I don’t know much about that story, to be honest. I wasn’t really in the conversations specifically with leaving that character, ”said Valderrama.

The The exhibition of those 70s Alum said “if that event actually happens,” he knows it will be interesting for a character.

Bello’s three seasons have been an emotional roller coaster for her character. She was again with the girl she gave up for adoption. Sloane also opened up to Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) about her troubled times. Many fans had hoped that romance would break out between Gibbs and Sloane. However, that does not appear to be the case.

‘NCIS’ performers will give Maria Bello ‘s character a’ worthy ‘leave

After the news broke Bello would be leaving NCIS, Cardea gave some insight into how they say goodbye to a character. As fans know, this is not the first time NCIS have left or killed main characters.

“When we try to figure out how to leave a character, one thing we always ask is: ‘What does that character deserve?’ ”Said Cardea TV Line. “And Sloane’s character is a strong character, and a passionate character, so we’re going to be trying to do something that deserves it. ”

The exhibitors have also revealed that NCIS will be traveling back in time for the first few events of season 18. After the start of the season in November 2019, it will take a few minutes before them to this day. It is unclear what Bello ‘s final program will be. However, many fans are hoping for some context on how and why Sloane is leaving.

Season 18 of NCIS premieres Tuesday, November 17 on CBS.

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