‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Reveals There Will Be an ‘Evolution Between Gibbs and McGee’ Throughout Season 18

NCIS fans are still waiting to find out more about the horrific 18 cold open season. Three titles into the new season, the show has yet to make a comeback on the incredible cliffhanger.

But for those concerned about the friendship of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray), there is good news. Murray says answers are coming soon.

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Mark Harmon and Sean Murray filming ‘NCIS’ Cliff Lipson / CBS through Getty Images

‘NCIS’ is jumping time through season 18, thanks to the epidemic

After 17 seasons and nearly 400 events, NCIS fans were accustomed to the CBS methodology format. Each program usually has a new issue to review the team. And characters have story arcs across many programs. The timeline has been linear, and the story usually moves on each week.

But as Express points out, the pandemic has caused some major changes this season. First, the closing of spring 2020 cut off the last four events of season 17. Then, after a long production delay, the team and crew returned for a season 18 months longer than usual.

CBS reduced their order for season 18 to just 16 events. And COVID’s new safety protocols have set an even greater challenge. All of these factors influenced the 18-season story. And demonstrators decided that the best course of action was to jump back in time to the pre-COVID world.

This led to the cold open season 18 which had a time stamp in March 2020. During the scene, McGee approaches a plane on tarmac when fired on the arm. Gibbs is then taken to be sitting on top with a sniper rifle.

Then, the opening credits were rolled out and the next look saw time jump back to November 2019. They have yet to hit back on the opening opening. And it has become one of the most fascinating mysteries in the show’s long history.

Sean Murray promises season 18 ‘very exciting’

Before the first look, Murray revealed that McGee and Gibbs’ partnership is changing over the 18th season. He says it will be a “very exciting season.” ”

“I know there’s a lot going on this year and it’s going to be an exciting time,” said Murray. “But as far as McGee is concerned, good stuff is going. We’re going to see some really cool stuff. I can tell you that we are definitely seeing and exploring a kind of evolution between Gibbs and McGee. ”

Both characters are the only ones still around from season 1. And first, McGee had trouble working with an unusual NCIS team leader. But over the years, Gibbs has become one of McGee ‘s most trusted friends.

This fact has made fans wonder why Gibbs would target McGee in that awful opening scene. Murray addressed the panic, and said fans would find out very quickly.

‘NCIS’ returns soon with two new programs in one night

Murray said the cold opening of season 18 proves they are “into really cool stuff right off the bat.” He added that they will spend “the first several events capturing to that point. ”

“That’s growing right now and getting out of there. It’s good stuff, ”promised Murray. “We had to design. Surely those had to be designed, those arts and everything, carefully. I love that. I love making this stuff. ”

Following the broadcast of the third program of the season on December 8, CBS suspended six weeks for the series. When they return, fans will receive two new programs on the same night. Episode 4, “Sunburn” and episode 5, “Head of the Snake” go back to back.

These times will bring fans closer to the March 2020 deadline, when the cold opening happened. The answers are coming, fans just have to wait a little longer.

NCIS returns to CBS with two new programs on Tuesday, January 19th.

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