‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Has 1 Very Unique Guilty Pleasure

It may be difficult for NCIS fans to see star Mark Harmon as none other than Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In fact, he is in his 18th season of CBS procedures and has appeared in over 400 programs. But Harmon is nothing like Gibbs in real life.

Marc Harmon NCIS
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The actor has been happily married for over 30 years, is the father of two children, and enjoys his own hobbies and interests. Harmon also has his own guilty pleasures that may surprise fans.

The ‘NCIS’ star condemned football for acting

When you talk to Marching magazine, Harmon thought of his career that has spanned five decades. He also talked about growing up in Burbank, California, with a Heisman Trophy winner for father and TV sitcom stars for in-laws.

Harmon’s father, Tom, earned the Heisman while at the University of Michigan. He shared his father’s love of football and was a quarterback at UCLA in 1972 and 1973. But instead of pursuing a pro football career, Harmon found his love of acting thanks to Ozzie Nelson.

Harmon’s sister Kristin was married to pop star Ricky Nelson, who appeared as a child in his parents’ sitcom Ozzie and Harriet. The Nelsons and Harmons were close back then. And when Ozzie had to fill someone up for an actor in his early 70s show Ozzie’s daughters, Harmon jumped at the chance. After Ozzie followed him around the set and into the editing room, Harmon was captured.

“That changed my course,” Harmon notes.

Mark Harmon shares all his favorite things about pop culture

When Harmon got a big break Another saint in the early 1980s, it never stopped working. Not only has he appeared in several films and TV shows, he has also been a producer and director.

When he has some free time, Harmon likes to spend time with family. He also enjoys TV, movies and books. Harmon says he loved to watch breaking bad due to the performance of Bryan Cranston. He also loves to watch American Builders.

“Mike Wolfe was on NCIS [as himself on an episode in 2018]. When I was recapturing my knee and lying on the floor, doing exercises, [his show] it was all the time, ”said Harmon.

It is his favorite book Sustainability by Alfred Lansing, which tells the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his strenuous attempt to cross the Antarctic in 1914. Harmon cannot name just one of his favorite films, however, because there are too many.

“I can’t name just one. My [production] the company is named Wings after William Wellman ‘s 1927 film Wings. It was the first film I can remember, a silent film, and I remember sitting there, drawn into that TV set. “

‘NCIS’ star has exciting guilty pleasures

In terms of music, Harmon says that his favorite thing to do is “a big obscure band thing.” He remembered a song called by Ozzie Nelson I’m looking for Guy Who Plays Alto and Baritone, Doubles on a Clarinet and Wearing a Size 37 Suit. He says that he “always thought that was a really cool name for a song. ”

His favorite Sunday activity is barbecuing with the family – his wife, Pam Dawber, and their two sons, Sean and Ty. Even though his children have grown up, Harmon says he usually gets a call Sunday morning asking about barbecue plans for the evening.

The 69-year-old stays in shape by working out every day. He says that in the last few years he has “turned into a Pilates man. “And it has a system that works well for him.

When it comes to guilty pleasures, Harmon had a unique response. The actor says that he enjoys “washing my own car.”

Harmon returns in new titles of NCIS on Tuesday, January 19th on CBS.

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