‘NCIS’ Just Confirmed the Return of 1 Character That Fans Have Not Seen Since Season 16

The long wait for new events of NCIS almost over. After months of closures and delays due to the pandemic, the team and the team are back to work. CBS has finally revealed when season 18 will debut, and they’ve just released new photos and a synopsis for the first episode. Surprisingly, the program summary confirms the return of one character that fans have not seen since season 16.

Season 18 NCIS
‘NCIS’ star Mark Harmon | Eddy Chen / CBS through Getty Images

Season 18 of ‘NCIS’ will bounce back in time for the first few events

The epidemic NCIS to the end of season 17 four early events that stopped fans from seeing a real end of season. Instead, the story left with Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) traveling to Hawaii for the funeral of Joe Smith (Christopher Lloyd) who survived Pearl Harbor.

according to Web TV, season 18 will begin with a “big and intense” cold opening. But then the story jumps back in time to Season 17, Episode 8 “Chairs of Music.” This will NCIS team in November 2019, where they will stay for a while.

Fans will remember that the season 17 program featured Gibbs disappearing for a tour. He later returned at the end of the section with a black eye.

“We’re going to build season 18 with that mission called Gibbs, back in time,” co-showman Steve Binder explained. “We’ve been in the world of pre-COVID for a while.”

Once that multi-program arc is complete, the story returns to Washington DC today. As Binder explains, they will be “in the world of COVID at that point. ”

Did a set image give fans a glimpse of a new recycling character?

Earlier this month, CBS unveiled the new thing NCIS main art for season 18, along with a photo from an upcoming program. Mar CarterMatt notes, there’s a lot for fans to delve into in those images.

Pictured from the program, Gibbs is standing in the middle of the street talking on his phone. On the ground are Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and a new one NCIS a character trying to save someone who appears to have been left dead.

That new character is Veronica Tyler, played by Days of Our Lives and Directional light alum Victoria Platt. It is not clear when this program is set up, which is a crucial piece of information.

If the show is from the past, fans are wondering why Veronica is in the pick. Could she be the one-on-one character Torres worked with for a day? If the pic is from the present, could it mean that NCIS is there a new recycling character? Fans in the image are also wondering – where in the world is Bishop (Emily Wickersham) in the world?

‘NCIS’ has just returned the return of FBI special representative Tobias Fornell

When the story jumps back to the “Music Chairs” program, fans will find out the truth behind the “Gibbs fishing trip”. As it turned out, Gibbs’ trip was indeed a secret mission with FBI special agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano).

according to Express, CBS just revealed this amazing information in the season 18 premiere summary. The mission includes one of the drug rings set at the end of season 16.

“Gibbs and Fornell are trying to find a drug ring leader who gave drugs to Fornell’s daughter,” the official summary reads. “Also, the team will be dealing with a cadaver case that has been lost since NCIS autopsy room. ”

The new events are likely to unravel the story that NCIS started in the last 16 season. Fans of that show will remember that Fornell ‘s daughter Emily (Juliette Angelo) was addicted to drugs.

“Gibbs has a bug about breaking the law and causing all sorts of chaos in communities with the drug situation,” Binder explains. “Fornell’s daughter is suffering from this illness, so it’s a little hotter.”

Over five events, Gibbs will be on his mission and the NCIS other issues are dealt with by the team. Both stories then strike in episode 5.

NCIS season 18 will first appear on CBS on November 17, 2020.

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