‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Whitney Way Thore Implores Fans To Stop Doing This To Chase Severino

Whitney Way Thore and her ex-boyfriend Chase Severino went through a public outcry My Big Fat Fabulous Life. As fans learn more about what went on between the couple behind the scenes, many have attacked Severino on social media. Thore took to Instagram to address those fans directly.

Whitney Way Thore Chase Severino relationship timeline
Tore Chase Severino & Whitney Way | TLC

The breakup of Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore was very public

After an intense romance that ended with a broken connection, Thore publicly declared it and broke Severino in May 2020.

“Chase and I are no longer involved,” Thore wrote Instagram. “After suffering many conflicts and living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with a long history. Chase recently told me this information and the fact that he had been pregnant with a child. Chase will be a father in October. ”

Severino remained out of attention when the breach was first announced. Now, his side of the story is finally being shared – including all the hate he found on social media.

Fans of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ continue to attack Chase Severino for breaking Whitney Thore’s heart

During the “Whitney Confronts Chase,” Severino revealed about the hatred he received on social media after he and Thore broke up.

“I have to be strong for mother and daughter,” Severino explained in the program.

This should be one of the more magical designations [and] times of my life and it’s just – you get hit hard with all the hatred that everyone has.

It shouldn’t be like that. Such a naming should not be a small post of a pound and a flood of grain. It shouldn’t be like that, and that sucks.

There is little support for Chase Severino from the ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ audience

During that same program of season 8, Severino broke down about no one on his side.

“I’m sorry,” Severino said with tears on camera. “I’m sorry it turned out the way he did. But I just want people to know that I’m not out for Whitney or anything like that. I’ve had awful, awful stuff, and it’s just … it hurts. ”

In the program, Severino shared images of the hate messages he received. Meanwhile, other fans went to Reddit to show their appreciation.

“As you expected?” a observer wrote, follow up:

People don’t like cheaters and you got this girl pregnant ?! No one is going to root for you; whether his relationship with Whitney was real in the first place.

It’s hard to feel sorry for him; what were you going to happen Would you really love yourself and your new family after you came out and publicly said you were cheating and getting the girl pregnant?

Many other fans agreed and were not happy about Severino.

“He was so patient!” someone else he said. “And it made him look worse [in my opinion]. ”

Whitney Way Thore is urging Chase Severino fans to be left alone

Since announcing their broken connection, Thore has urged fans to respect Severino’s privacy.

“I’m not interested in being hateful of being directed at anyone,” Thore said original publication. “I would like privacy for all involved as we move forward and focus on the future.”

On Dec. 15, Thore once again urged fans not to harass Severino online.

“Memories,” she wrote the title Instagram role. “I don’t care if it’s my dog ​​or my boyfriend or my dad. I don’t want or hear it and you shouldn’t waste your time – save your energy for people you know! ”

It’s unclear if fans have listened to Thore’s request.

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