Miz Cracker Speaks on How It Really Feels to Compete Against Friends on ‘Drag Race’

While viewers are getting in right now RuPaul Draw Race season 13, one queen who appeared on it recently RuPaul Draw Race: All Stars talking about the competition. New York City legend Miz Cracker certainly left her mark on her two seasons, but she explained why recently All stars so different.

Miz Cracker
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Season 5 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars’ was different from the previous ‘All Stars’ seasons in different ways

Quarter 5 of RuPaul Draw Race aired last summer and saw ten legendary sashay queens return to the workroom.

In the season there was a new turn that was never seen All stars previously; the lip-sync murderer. This theory had been circulating on social media for a while through fans, which was very interesting with the idea because this was the first big shake-up with the All stars shape since Total 2 stars at first. There had been smaller pairs before, such as All stars rules suspended for a long time in Total 4 stars, but in these cases, there was no significant change in the format of the presentation.

The last three queens were Jujubee, Miz Cracker, and Shea Couleé, with the last winners of the season. Although he did not win, Miz Cracker did very well in the tournament, with three overall winners.

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Miz Cracker ships on ‘All Stars 5’ competition

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Miz Cracker spoke about what it ‘s like to compete on the show and return for a new season.

“You are under so much pressure Drag race that everything looks like a big deal, ”she said.“ As soon as you are off that set you will look back and understand, Oh my God, that’s all so small compared to what we have in common. Us reality TV girls have been through a special experience that almost no one else has been through. So we have to stick together, if only to talk to each other about the little mysteries we have in common. Even if you don’t like ab * tch (laughs), she knows what it looks like, so you have to keep it around. ”

A lot changed between her seasons

The drag queen also talked about the growth she went through between her first two seasons. While she was a strong competitor in season 10, she was just missing out on being at the end. In fact during her second season, she did it all before losing the crown to Couleé.

“I was much more comfortable during All stars, ”She explained. “I knew what was coming. And the world is a different place from season 10 (2018) to Total 5 stars (2020). I realized I had to be completely on my own because I can’t predict how people are going to react or control their reaction. “

She also explained how she got thicker skin between seasons and how she can feel different about what is being said online and on social media. “The thing is, the worst is happening to you and you will live. People will say terrible things to you when you’re on the air, ”she continued. “I used to think I would be evacuating if someone said something painful or horrible about me. Well, a bucket of water was thrown at me and I didn’t spread. A real sense came from realizing that I could survive anything people throw at me. ”

Season 13 of RuPaul Draw Race currently on VH1, along with his companion series, RuPaul Draw Race: All Stars.

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