Method Man Turned Down a Bad Guy Role in ‘Girls Trip’ But Shines In ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

The performance of Method Man as an inward defense lawyer Power Book II: Phantom receiving much praise from critics and fans. The rapper version actor is mostly famous for comedy but he influences many in a drama series.

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Interestingly, he took part Girls Tour not only because he wanted flexibility, but also because he couldn’t relate to the bad boy character. Still, his character entered Power it has some negative effects.

Method Man was supposed to star as Stewart Pierce in ‘Girls Trip’

The Staten Island-born rapper has been working on expanding his acting resume. He had a chance to star in Girls Tour. Method Man was poised to play the role of Stewart Pierce, the deceitful man of successful author and businessman Ryan Pierce.

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Regina Hall was the lead woman at Method Man. While the star team was fascinated by Method Man, once he read the script and researched Stuart’s story, he decided to pass. He explained his decision on the Jemele Hill podcast, Jemele Hill Undamaged.

“I should have been a boy ** hole,” he said. “So when I read the script, I felt like I had to take a shower. It was like I couldn’t relate to the boy. I like characters, I feel like I can hang on with… But this dude was like, egg. I didn’t like it. I’m sorry, I didn’t enjoy it. “

Instead Stewart Pierce’s career went to Mike Colter

Colter went on to star as Stuart. Unlike Method Man, Colter was thrilled to finger out and play the bad guy, especially since he’s famous for playing nice guys or superheroes in other projects, including Luke Cage.

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“I’m always looking for something different. I don’t always think about what it means or the vision, ”he said Collider in 2017. “I don’t look at the character as bad, or anything like that. I am not judging it. I try to figure out how to get it in the position it is in and make sense of it all. This is just something that happened. It’s not the fault at all. In his mind, I do not think that he understands that he is wrong. He doesn’t look at it from the same perspective as the audience, so that’s how I try to see it. ”

Colter admits he was nervous about how fans reacted to his character in the film but says the emotional emotions of the audience confirmed that he did his best work.

Method Man shines in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Method Man may have passed Girls Tour but he made the right decision in choosing to appear in the Starz spinz series Power Book II: Phantom.

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He plays defense lawyer Davis Maclean, the producer for Tasha St. Patrick in her husband’s murder lawsuit. Initially, MacLean does not want the case, but the son of St. Patrick Tariq makes his decision to protect his mother by naming such. This opportunity is a stepping stone for McLean.

The rapper says he used his own living room experiences to inform his picture, he explains Vulture“St Patrick ‘s involved in the shady industry.

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