Matt Bomer Said Lady Gaga ‘Charmed Everyone…on Her First Day’ of ‘AHS’

Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga appeared opposite each other in American Horror Story: Hotel. The two vampire lovers engaged in hedonistic activities – which involved graphic sexual escape and often ended in a bit of bloodshed. However, being in a person ‘s birthday suit – nothing more than a special stock to cover his privacy – was a bit of a shame for Bomer.

AHS stars Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga
Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga Jeff Vespa / Contributor

Bomer explained to him Hollywood Reporter though anxious, Gaga helped calm him down. Bomer noted that she was “resilient” and took the time, as the season’s flagship star, to make sure she “broke down the walls” for herself and the rest of the team. He also explained that she really liked the set from get-go.

Matt Bomer talks about Lady Gaga on the set of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Bomer said Magic Radio it was amazing to work with Lady Gaga. “He couldn’t love her more.” Being an image, he could not “help but wonder who she might be” and explained that she was “taller.” than everything [his] unreasonably high expectations. ”

The boys in the band the actress explained that Gaga was present to do the best job she could – she became enthusiastic about the show and her character. She wasn’t a diva, and it wasn’t hard to get along with. He explained that she was “down to earth,” noting:

“[She] he had sung to everyone on her first day and was easy to talk to. I was lucky enough to have Finn [Wittrock] and I went over to her house for dinner before we started working together. She broke the ice completely, made it accessible, and she was just a complete professional, so I couldn’t love it anymore. ”

Bomer | Magic Radio

It was necessary for Gaga to make herself a regular person, removing the Halo image that bends over her head, as she boasted some very intimate scenes with the White collar star.

Matt Bomer says his sexual outlook with Lady Gaga was “very humbling”

Bomer said his sexual encounter with Lady Gaga appeared to have taken place “a week or two in,” and described it as a “humbling” incident. He told Magic Radio:

“It was really awesome in so many ways. Because, here we were with these two lovely actors who were really good and enthusiastic. And, in between taking… there is a lot of blood, which mainly consists of corn syrup. So, it’s very sticky. So basically, between taking them, they would wrap us like veal chops in a plastic tarp together. And here we are, the four of us, lying on our backs, with tar over us just chatting about the day. And then they tore the tarp and we went again. ”

Bomer explained that everyone was just “accepting” the experience, and was “melting the playing field,” letting those involved in the scene “ make a connection. ”

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