‘M*A*S*H’s Jamie Farr Says These Were His Favorite ‘Klinger’ Dresses from the Emmy Award-Winning Series

Jamie Farr as Max Klinger Incorporated in 'M * A * S * H', 1977
Jamie Farr as Max Klinger Incorporated in ‘M * A * S * H’, 1977 | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

In the nearly 50 years since its inception, M * A * S * H ​​is still considered one of the best comedy series on television.

While the program relied on a strong ensemble team, Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger was the only character that could be counted on in every program for laughter.

Actor Jamie Farr revealed which dresses and gowns from the show he considered his favorite.

Farr is one of the last remaining M * A * S * H ​​actors

Out of a team of so many memorable actors, only a few remain from the series.

as well Farr, among the other key actors from the team Alan Alda (“Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce) who has been busy with his podcast,“ Clear + Vivid ”; Swit Loretta (Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan’) who is and still is a strong advocate for animal rights; Gary Burghoff (Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly) has shown great talent for wildlife painting; and Mike Farrell (BJ Hunnicutt) has turned his attention to social political activity.

‘What kind of part is this?’

When Farr was thrown as Klinger at him M * A * S * H., it was understood that he was performing on only one program. He was happy for the job and didn’t know what to follow.

“I was very lucky,” he told the National Museum of American History in 2017. “I hadn’t worked, so when they called me, they didn’t tell me what part it was, they just said it got you part, and it pays $ 250 for the day. So I told my agent, boy, I’ll be there. ”

Jamie Farr as Max Klinger
Jamie Farr as Max Klinger | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

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The actor, who was born and raised in Toledo, was surprised just as his character was on display, discovering that he had to wear dresses for his character.

“So I said, ‘What kind of part is this?’ But I put the thing on, and [producer Gene Reynolds] he started laughing because of my hairy, arched legs and all, then he took me on stage, and everyone had a great time laughing, ”he continued.

Farr ‘s humorous taste and his feet impressed the show’ s producers and spectators that he was made a permanent part of the team.

“They were so influential that they called me back, and I think I did six more of the shows in my first year, which is how I got connected to the series,” he recalled. e.

Farr’s favorite clothes ‘Klinger’ from M * A * S * H.

Jamie Farr as Max Klinger wearing the Statue of Liberty gown
Jamie Farr as Max Klinger wearing the Statue of Liberty gown

One fact we don’t know about Farr’s dresses and gown on display is that many have been borrowed from some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

“I was wearing some things that celebrities did,” he told him American Television Archive in 2011. “I think I had something of Betty Grable, something that Alice Fay had worn.

“This is one of my favorite stories: I wore clothes that Ginger Rogers would wear. We did a Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers scene. The next day, after that show went on, I was the commissioner and Ginger Rogers was awfully doing The love boat. And she came over to my table and she says, ‘Jamie, I saw that show last night. I have to tell you something, you looked a hell of a lot better in that dress than I did, ”said Farr, laughing.

Asking if he had one their favorite dress or the gown, Farr said, “There were so many clothes out there,” but his favorites were “the Gone with the Wind clothes, Betty Grable clothes, Statue of Liberty clothes, and kimono clothes. ”

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