‘Marvel Studios: Legends’: Fans Have Mixed Feelings About the New Disney+ Series

Marvel Studios has made dozens of movies and shows that fans love it. They are not slowing down and have a lot of plans for the future of the Marmat Cinematic Universe.

The pandemic caused delays in expected shows, but Disney Investor Day showed upcoming projects coming soon.

There is one new series Marvel Studios: Legends, and will go over all the iconic superhero characters. There have been mixed feelings about the show. Some fans think the series is a good idea, while others are not too happy.

‘Marvel Studios: Legends’ will showcase the franchise’s biggest hits

Marvel Studios: Legends is a new series that will stream on Disney +. The purpose is to recap the famous Marvel movies from the last 12 years. The show will cover all the characters one at a time, with the first two episodes focusing on Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Viewers will learn about where the heroes are from and where they are from now.

While rehash may not look interesting, fans will continue Reddit they discussed the benefits of the series. Several characters have appeared over the past decade. A few users said it would help capture new and casual viewers as Marvel Studios embarks on the next level.

“I don’t think the target of this series will be a lot of steep fans (although they don’t remember many important details from many films still watching the latest ones) but for fans. new follow, ”wrote one user.

Another Redditor said that it may be more difficult to marathon all the movies as more come out. They see the greatest moments in MCU history, such as Thanos sweeping away half the globe.

Some fans are not enthusiastic about the show

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

Level 4 will introduce new characters and expand on existing ones with eight films and several screenings. However, listeners have to wait longer than expected. Some die-hard fans might like it Marvel Studios: Legends since there has been little MCU content in 2020 compared to previous years.

There are others who are not excited about the new series. Some users expressed disappointment when the show was announced. They see it as one big recap, and another said it may be a clip show with a bad recap.

“Yeah this is just a handful of fill, which is the equivalent of the special ‘make’ ones that would be aired on a network. [sic] when they had nothing else to put on the record, ”said Redditor.

Another user felt that the show was useless if there is no comparison between the films and the comics.

‘Marvel Studios: Legends’ has been left out of Disney Investment Day

The Disney Investor Day show is when Walt Disney releases announcements about upcoming projects across different buildings. Star Wars there were several big stories like Hayden Christensen returning for the Kenobi Series.

according to Vulture, this year’s show was about four hours long. There was a long list of upcoming titles, and the company focused on the success of their streaming service, Disney +. Delegates also spoke about the recent acquisition of Hulu.

Other sections of the show included animation from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. Although there were some key announcements, Marvel Studios: Legends was left out. They may have mocked the new series, but there wasn’t much cover.

Possibly, they left it out of line since it was a show that surpassed what people already knew. It is possible that they wanted to devote more time to other projects that would build on the MCU. Fans waiting Legends he can expect it to fall on January 8th. 2021.

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