‘Married at First Sight’: Miles Laments the Lack of Physical Intimacy With Karen

Miles Williams and Karen Landry’s relationship on Lifetime’s He married at first sight season 11 has been slow, at least. After getting off on the wrong foot when Karen caught sight of Miles on social media before the wedding, the couple would often struggle to find their way to more intimacy and connection.

On the latest moments of He married at first sight, Miles revealed that intimacy – including sex, but also any form of physical love – remained a major obstacle in his marriage. He even admitted he wasn’t sure what to do on Decision Day, now just days away.

Karen Landry
Karen Landry | Photo through ethnic content

Miles admitted he had doubts at heart with Karen

On the October 14 program of He married at first sight, Karen and Miles went back to a couple fleeing with the hunters. Both Miles and Karen admitted that they had struggled to find a way to connect with each other during the COVID-19 crisis. Quarantine weight only increased the issues they already had, especially when it came to sex, love, and intimacy.

“To be honest with you, there were times when I couldn’t open,” Karen said of quarantine. “And honestly intimacy is something I’m still struggling with. ”

However, she felt that they had been having more real, authentic and natural conversations in the last few weeks. At heart with her husband, Karen admitted that she felt their emotional connection was more “critical” at first. Now, opening up had become easier for her.

At the same time, Miles felt devoid of intimacy, it was difficult to make the right choice as Decision Day approached. He admitted he was trying to be “patient,” but said it was not yet clear if he and Karen were a match.

Miles admitted he was worried he had to ‘spell out’ what he wanted from Karen

On October 21st He married at first sight program, “Pack Your Bags,” the couples prepared for Decision Day, when they would finally decide whether to get a divorce or stay together. Sadly, Miles didn’t have much more clarity than he had weeks before. He and Karen were still not making a connection on a physical level, which made him wonder if he could move on with the marriage.

Miles sat down with a friend to discuss his ongoing marital issues. He showed the way Karen ate all over the room from him, with her back to his face – which left him feeling more rejected than ever. Plus, it was starting to wear off.

“How can I not take that in person?” Miles mused. “Looks like you don’t want to sitting next to me? What did I do? ”

The He married at first sight The star admitted that he felt uncomfortable “putting out” his desire for physical respect with his wife. The situation even left him wondering if Karen would ever have more to give him.

“I had to be like, ‘Okay. There’s nothing I need out of a relationship, ‘”Miles told his friend. “I had to break it down step by step. ”

Karen’s husband went on to say that he honestly did not know if his wife’s effort would ever be “enough” to make him feel wanted at this stage. If he said “no” on Decision Day, Miles revealed, it would be because of the “inability to be close both emotionally and physically. ”

“We could be compatible in these ways, but it’s not there, and that could be a disappointment,” Miles finally said unconditionally.

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