‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Throws Major Shade at Christina During Couples Game

He married at first sight fans have struggled when it comes to Christina and Henry, but almost as well as the couple. Christina and Henry have been like an abusive game from day one – Christina pulled teeth trying to get Henry to talk, and the relationship has remained pretty much the same since then. The two have taken on a number of jobs at each other, and instead of just calling it out they have continued to do so. The latest twin game was very special.

Henry calls Christina dishonest

Christina and Henry married at first sight
Christina and Henry onwards He married at first sight | Wedding & wedding photo

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Things came to a head for the unmatched couple during a recent program. Both Henry and Christina had complaints about the other’s communication, and both thought the other was dishonest in some way.

Henry told Minister Cal Roberson he felt as if Christine was exhibiting dishonest climbing. He even suggested that she may have been impatient.

“I noticed a pattern of dishonesty. I noticed it kind of early, and let it out. But I think this stopped me from opening up to her early and just talking to her, ”he told Roberson.

Henry identified moments he felt reflected suspicious activity. He mentioned a time when Christina said she was going out for a walk, but she was wearing other clothes.

“She was dressed as anything but she was going for a walk. You know, makeup done, that’s all, ”he said.

He went on to describe another trip that Christina had been out all night, with an excuse that was hard to believe. She was reportedly busy moving furniture at a friend’s house around midnight. Henry says she never came home. He waited for her until 1 am

Christina discusses Henry’s sexuality

Things became very uncomfortable for the He married at first sight couple when Christina decided profiteering on Henry’s sexuality in order. Christine seems to have thought that Henry ‘s sexuality was the reason their relationship didn’t work out. She said a source told her that Henry had been sleeping with a man on the side.

“A long story short when I arrived home, Christina insisted that there was a specific reason why things weren’t working out. And I said, ‘I’m very upset. If you think I’ve cheated on you, if you think I’m going around someone else I’m not doing it at all, ”said Henry.

“And so she finally told me that a reliable, unreliable source was texting her, man, that he and I, um, he and I were apparently sleeping together. And that I was gay. I told her it wasn’t true at all. ”

“I asked her to see the text, and so far I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know if she makes it up, I don’t know if she actually got a text, I have no idea why she was making this accusation. “

The man ‘Married at First Sight’ casts a main shadow

Despite the obvious issues in their relationship, Christina and Henry are still going out of their way. He married at first sight Roller coaster. The two played a couple games with the rest of the team, when Henry threw some shadow in his path.

The game was sort of a newlyweds style game. Bennett asked the couple if their partner was folding toilet paper or crushing it in the bathroom – a typical Bennett-style question. Henry and Christina both pretended that Henry was a package.

Frightened by their alignment, Henry said, “That’s one more point than I thought we were getting.”

Christina looked particularly uncomfortable.

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