‘Married at First Sight’ Fans Surprised by Amelia’s Shocking Admission in Sneak Peek

He married at first sight fans have been rooting for Amelia and Bennett from day one. The two look like maids made in heaven – their amazing sense of style and humor meshes well, and they share a bevy of artistic interests. But, recently He married at first sight sneak peek, fans got a little shocked when Amelia came clean about her original reason for appearing on the show.

Amelia confesses her intentions

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At the time of a sneak peek for tonight ‘s program of He married at first sight, Amelia dropped a bomb on Bennett that her husband never expected.

The two sat down for the last meal together before their D-Day moment, and started chatting about what they were feeling and expecting.

“What do you think of the last few months, like this whole experience? Amelia asked Bennett. He replied that he has been furious.

“Yeah, I didn’t even think I was ready to get married, but I usually just thought it would be fun to have a reality show,” Amelia admitted.

“You weren’t ready to get married?” asked Benett, apparently dismissed.

“I don’t think this was the main driving force. Being married, ”Amelia replied, before smiling softly.

Bennett is not sure how you feel

The interaction left Bennett with some big doubts about what Amelia was looking for when she applied to do the show, and what could happen on Decision Day.

“Being married to someone I only knew for a month or two, and then discovering that much of the reason she applied was for being He married at first sight and that she just wanted this subtle new knowledge to be a reality show, ”laments Bennett.

The appearance suddenly left Bennett wondering if Amelia is going to be the same person on Decision Day as she has been this time.

“Naturally I wonder a little bit, what happens when it comes time for the cameras to disappear. You know, can she turn 180 degrees and be a completely different person? ”Fretted e.

“I don’t think that would be right. ”

‘Married at First Sight’ fans will respond

Bennett and Amelia de Married at First Sight
Bennett and Amelia à He married at first sight | Longevity

He married at first sight fans were equally surprised, but they seemed to feel like it wasn’t a trade. Instead, Amelia’s original intentions may have changed since he met Bennett.

“This is a big surprise to me. Of all the people on display, I wouldn’t believe Amelia was someone who was most interested in the SHOW side, ”said one Redditor.

“But I don’t think it’s disappointing and I don’t think her original intentions are to destroy the chemistry and her relationship with Bennet,” they said.

“I don’t think she was the first person from different seasons to give the main inspiration for being featured on the ‘TV fame’ show; I think she was the first to admit it. And it surprised me because I wouldn’t be put in that camp, ”wrote another user.

“I am just ashamed that anyone who applied for this special show on a lark would not think that their potential ‘partner’ could be deadly dead and wish for a partner who is fully committed to marriage, ”they continued.

“Whatever her original motives, it looks like Amelia is now in love with Bennett. She may have surprised herself, but clearly their sweet romance is one of the best the show has ever made! ”Opined another fan.

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