‘Married at First Sight’: Did Karen and Miles Finally Reach a Turning Point in Their Marriage?

It’s no secret that Karen Landry and Miles Williams encountered many roadblocks to get married after tying the knot with Lifetime He married at first sight season 11. The couple often struggled with communication and connection, especially as Karen did not seem to see Miles as “masculine” enough for her.

But at the retirement of a couple on a recent program of He married at first sight, Karen and Miles seemed to have made some progress in their relationship. Miles’ visual comments about the Black Lives Matter movement inspired more respect in his wife, and they seemed to be coming to a better understanding.

However, as Decision Day approached, both Miles and Karen did not appear to be at all sure about the future together. Miles was worried that they wouldn’t become physically intimate, and Karen admitted that she still didn’t know if Miles was her maids.

Karen Landry
Karen Landry | Photo through ethnic content

Miles’ comments about the Black Lives Matter movement won praise from Karen

For weeks – especially after the COVID-19 crisis hit New Orleans, and the couple engaged in quarantine – it appeared Karen and Miles had made little progress in their marriage. They both admitted that the pressures of the pandemic, as well as the protests against police brutality and racial injustice following the death of George Floyd, have left them feeling depressed.

Even after taking a stay-at-home order at Louisiana, the couple wasn’t sure if they were up to a retreat with the other youngsters. However, they hoped that the trip would allow them some “down time” in nature and together. Karen told Lifetime representatives that she hoped it would allow them to “unplug from the world,” reset their relationship, and connect with each other on a deeper level.

As it turned out, that plan may have worked. When Miles and Karen reached the retreat, Miles opened up to him He married at first sight castmates about where he was currently emotionally present.

“I think it’s very difficult for us as black people to feel that we need to be ‘forward,'” Miles explained, “and we have to talk about this, or we have to go involved, or we have to release it as if this stuff doesn’t bother us or affect us… As black people, we are expected to appear and be full myself all the time, even among things that happen like this. ”

Karen said she was “surprised” that Miles was so honest and open with the audience about his feelings. Although she has previously been criticized for being overly emotional, the He married at first sight a star seemed to see the value of its sensitivity in that context.

“He was able to walk with his truth,” Karen commented on Miles ’comments. “I really appreciate that. I have great respect for that. ”

Both were still uncertain as Decision Day approached

While the He married at first sight a retreat seemed to represent a turning point in Karen and Miles’ marriage, the couple were still struggling with their usual challenges on the October 21 program. Decision Day was approaching, and none of them seemed ready to make a final choice about their marriage.

While Miles told his friend that Karen had everything he wanted “on paper” – beautiful, directed, and a great chef – the lack of physical intimacy still haunted him. Not only did he and Karen not have sex, it appeared, but she never started hugs or kisses. They didn’t even eat together at the same table most nights.

“I’ve been there every day, trying my best every day,” Miles said of his marriage to Karen. However, he admitted, he was still not in love with his wife – and did not know if her efforts would ever be like that.

Meanwhile, Karen told her friends that she wanted an “alpha male” who could “replace her” and lead the home with male dominant energy. She did not know if Miles would be able to fill that position.

Despite the progress they had made, Karen and Miles still seemed to be relentless as they parted ways before they had to make the final decision.

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