‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Is Concerned About Amelia’s ‘Reality TV’ Confession

If there is one couple from Lifetime’s He married at first sight season 11 that most fans would expect to stay together on Decision Day is very similar to Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi. Bennett, a 28-year-old theater director, and Amelia, a recent 27-year-old MD who was about to begin her clinical residency, had an immediate spark that fell in love in just a few weeks.

However, just before Decision Day, Amelia and Bennett seemed to have hit an incredible snag. During their last dinner before the big day, Amelia broke the news that she had first signed up He married at first sight on a whim – and Bennett didn’t seem happy to hear it.

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi | Photo through ethnic content

Amelia told Bennett she thought it would be ‘fun to have a reality show’

Just before Decision Day, Bennett and Amelia sat down to dinner together in their shared apartment and thought about their four months of marriage.

Bennett said it was “wild” months – and that’s when Amelia put down the good news about her original reasons for appearing on the show.

“I didn’t even think I was ready to get married,” Amelia admitted, “but I usually just thought it would be fun to have a reality show.”

Bennett’s face immediately dropped when he heard his wife’s message, but she didn’t seem to notice. The He married at first sight The star simply stated that marriage was not the main “main driver” in her decision to bid for the show.

Bennett wondered if he had full confidence in Amelia after the revelation

For Bennett, Amelia’s confession was very difficult. He admitted that he was not sure he could trust his wife, or the relationship they had built, after what she revealed.

“Being married to someone I only knew for a month or two,” Bennett told Lifetime representatives, “and then discovering that much of the reason she applied was for being He married at first sight was that she just wanted this subtle new experience to be a reality show, naturally making me wonder. ”

Bennett was also wondering what would happen when the cameras turned on, and they only had each other to deal with. The He married at first sight star worried that the whole thing might come down eventually.

“Is she going to do a 180-degree turn and be a completely different person? Bennett stunned, clearly less confident than married than before. The horrific conversation seemed to put doubts in his mind just before Decision Day, putting Amelia and Bennett’s relationship in a more uncertain place than ever.

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