‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Disappoints Amelia For the First Time

By all accounts, Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner have one of the most popular relationships He married at first sight history. Their shared quirkiness, as well as their vibrant love of life, has earned them enough fans on Lifetime’s He married at first sight season 11.

After a bit of a fuss with the idea of ​​moving from New Orleans to Virginia for a medical career at Amelia, Bennett – a playwright and theater director – agreed to split his time between Virginia and Louisiana. Amelia and Bennett also vowed their love for each other on a romantic getaway shortly before their birthday, forcing their marriage to be like a deal made.

However, the couple is not without their problems, no matter how small they may be. On a recent program of He married at first sight, Bennett and Amelia went out on a twin retreat in the country after lifting COVID-19 restrictions. Intimate exercise left Amelia at Bennett a little disappointed – something fans had never seen before.

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi | Photo through ethnic content

Amelia’s letter to herself included a sweet note about her husband

On the October 14 program, the He married at first sight some couples were given intimate exercise by experts to help them grow closer to each other. The youngsters were asked to write letters to their younger people to gain a greater insight into how they had changed over the years. Each spouse then reads out their letters.

Amelia’s letter started out as a light note for her 10-year-old. After telling a few memorable stories about her childhood and adolescence, the He married at first sight a star went on to share a few romantic thoughts about Bennett.

“You can never think of your wedding,” Amelia read from her letter, lamenting widely at her husband. “One day, a nice woman is going to call you and ask you if you want to marry a random dude on a reality show.”

“You should go for it,” she said softly, noting that she was very pleased with her decision.

Amelia was ‘disappointed’ that Bennett’s message contained nothing about her

As she listened to her husband’s letter, Amelia looked anxious at first. Eventually, her face dropped, leaving her disappointed.

“That’s a very powerful letter,” she said lightly after Bennett finished his reading.

Amelia went on to tell her husband that she was not so happy with his letter.

“I just thought it would be a little more about me,” she admitted to a sheepish look, looking hurt and a little snubbed. Amelia’s confession was something out of character for her, like the He married at first sight a star had previously refused to say that anything about Bennett had bothered her.

Bennett was surprised by how unhappy his wife was. He tried to defend his letter, saying they had a “relationship so great” that he did not feel the need to warn his younger self about it.

In addition, Bennett said, it may have been influenced by some of the fun to make his own head around Amelia.

“Surprise and aptitude are part of what makes it so appealing and wonderful,” he explained.

However, Amelia was not entirely satisfied with her husband’s explanation. While realizing that finance was a major source of pressure for Bennett – especially as his bank account was “coming and going like the seasons” – she hoped she would have earned a place in somewhere in his letter, at least.

“I’m ashamed that his letter wasn’t more romantic,” said Amelia. “I thought he might throw in a little bit about me.”

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