Mark Harmon and Sean Murray Worked Together a Decade Before ‘NCIS’

NCIS stars Mark Harmon and Sean Murray in their 18th season are working together on CBS’s popular approach. Through their years playing Agents Leroy Gibbs and Tim McGee, there has been an interesting parallel between the show and real life.

Marc Harmon Sean Murray
‘NCIS’ stars Mark Harmon and Sean Murray Cliff Lipson / CBS through Getty Images

Murray says Harmon has been a mentor to him as an actor, just as Gibbs has taught McGee a few things.

Sean Murray credits Mark Harmon for ‘NCIS’ success

The team and the team of NCIS they recently hit a major milestone when they heard the 400th program of the crime drama. It’s rare for a script series to last this long, and Murray credits Harmon for the show’s success.

“We wouldn’t be here, 16 years later, if it wasn’t for Harmon,” Murray said Rural Living in 2019. “Harmon is very special.”

Murray describes Harmon as a “true actor” who “goes for the truth of the truth, the truth about him.” He says every actor is struggling to do just that. “Boy, is he good at it,” Murray says of Harmon.

Harmon has been front and center as the star of the NCIS from the pilot program in 2003. Murray also appeared in the first season as a recurring character before joining the full-time team in season 2.

At this point, Murray says he knows McGee as well as he can turn him “on and off.” He says that how he has dealt with the character has evolved as the series has progressed. It started with some ideas and backing for the character, and now it’s all about “shaking out” and finding his way through.

Sean Murray and Mark Harmon worked together ten years before NCIS

When Murray was just 15 he had a show called West Harts. The 90s Western was supposed to feature a program featuring Jeff Bridges. But due to a schedule conflict, they had to find someone else to come in and play a “drunken radio clown”.

“And they got Harmon to come and do the part in his place… something I will never forget. That’s where I first met Harmon. And it impressed me even back then, ”Murray recalls.

Then, after the first two programs aired, CBS jumped a week before they went on program 3. Now, according to Express, Season 18, Episode 4 with the title “Sunburn” will not come until next year.

There are also controversial reports about the actual return date of the show. Some reports say it will happen on Tuesday, January 5, while others say it will be a week later on January 12. That way, CBS broadcasts classic moments in the meantime.

Recent events of NCIS return to CBS in January 2021.

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