Mark Hamill Said Keeping His Appearance on ‘The Mandalorian’ a Secret Was a ‘Miracle’

Today, spoilers are hard to avoid. This is especially true when it comes to Star Wars. Despite this, Am Mandalorian we managed to deliver a big surprise at the end of Season 2. In a tweet, Mark Hamill, famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, a subtle reference to the good secrecy of the finisher.

Jon Favreau was sure Markoill’s cameo would let go

After the final show first appeared on Disney +, presenter Jon Favreau appeared America Good morning to discuss the program. During the interview, the Am Mandalorian it appeared that he thought Hamill’s appearance on the show would be ruined.

“It was very difficult because it’s very difficult to keep secrets today, especially with him Star Wars causing people to be so knowledgeable about it and so many people involved in the process, ”said Favreau.

He continued, “Let every piece be thrown out, and we were so scared until it came out that our amazing cameo was going to drop too. ”

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