‘MAFS’: Season 13 Cast Member Wants Seven Children and Views Them as a Business Incentive

Season 12 of He married at first sight first appeared on January 12 on Lifetime. This year, the experts are matching pairs in Atlanta, Georgia. Although the show has not yet started broadcasting, the identity and background of the hopeful singles has already been made public. One participant of MAFS that is already generating a ton of fan opinions Chris Williams. Williams’ desire for seven children and his views on how children are a business motivator have been widely criticized on social media.

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A bit about Chris Williams

Williams is a 27-year-old minister turned manager of finance. Per Madame Noire, ministry is in his blood, as several members of the Williams family hold leadership positions in the church.

As to why Williams’ previous life as an ordained minister is no longer, Williams admits that he did not earn much money from the ministry. He appeared to have received a message from God that it is not a ministry to call.

Despite struggling to move into the workforce, including a short stint with homelessness, he is now making six figures as finance manager. Williams also has a Subway franchise.

He decided to appeal MAFS after a few failed relationships. Williams admits to two previous promises. In fact, Dirt soap maintains that one of his promises ended just three months before they were filmed MAFS began. The woman he was wearing reportedly continued to wear the ring until late 2020.

Chris Williams’ exceptional wife is obedient and will have seven children; Williams sees children as a business motivator

Williams has a list of qualities that he wants his wife to own. In his introductory remarks, he tells delegates, “I want a woman who is not after me for my money. She is intelligent, patient, sexual, good in bed, and freak… and it is like finding a needle in a haystack. ”

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Plus, Williams says he wants a big family, and hopes to have seven children. Many have his reasoning for wanting more than just a few kids with his stance on business.

“I want a maximum of seven children,” he said. “Your brand is your last name, your business is your last name. Your goal as a business owner is to train individuals who are under your care, so if you have children, your job is to train them to reproduce yourself. “

Chris Williams ’game shares similar credit systems

Fortunately for Williams, the experts match him with a woman with similar values. Williams’ game, Paige Banks, is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who hopes to break the “curse of her family’s divorce”. In other words, she is looking to find her companion forever.

Per Dirt soap, Banks is an educated dancer who has attended both Syracuse University and Georgia State University. She is currently working toward her master’s degree in accounting, which matches Williams ’career in finance.

While Banks is doing well for herself professionally, her dream is to have a marriage and a family. Like Williams, she wants a big family and is also based on her faith.

He married at first sight air every Wednesday on Lifetime at 8pm EST.

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