‘MAFS’: Karen Opens up About How the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted Her and Miles’ Marriage

He married at first sight fans have been accusing Karen of never promising to marry Miles since she discovered their identity before their wedding. This season catches the twins during quarantine coronavirus. In a new interview, Karen explains how the pandemic affected her and Miles’ marriage.

Miles and Karen on 'MAFS'
Miles and Karen on ‘MAFS’ Ethnic content through Lifetime Press

Miles and Karen quarantine interaction on MAFS

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, filmed for this season of MAFS was extended for several weeks. The couple had to face unprecedented challenges MAFS couples as a result of the quarantine coronavirus command.

Karen has been hated by viewers from the beginning, but watching her interaction with Miles during the quarantine ignited more criticism. Karen was called out for showing emotional disengagement, humiliating Miles, and apparently reluctant to attend.

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Karen explains Madame Noire that edit makes it difficult for viewers to get a complete picture. She also opens up about how the two tried to support each other through such an unknown time.

Karen also says that the statement that Miles is the only one who is sensible and shows gifts in their partner is not the relationship.

“I was always trying to do little things for Miles – like bringing home his favorite snacks or picking up things he needs / wants not to. asking, ”she says.

She continues: “For our birthday I got a record vinyl player and new records because he loves music. I also used some Thai massage techniques at home after our first session several times. Even on the difficult days, we always found ways to tell each other that we cared. The value and respect has always gone in all directions. ”

Karen admits that it is difficult to conduct a marriage with Miles during a coronavirus quarantine

Fans of the show are aware that Brett and Olivia ‘s existing cases are escalating through the pandemic. The same can be said for Miles and Karen. Both had difficulty communicating, especially with Karen having difficulty being vulnerable with her husband.

Karen’s work has not helped a situation that was already difficult as she is a frontline worker working in health care. Karen is honest about how her work affected her feelings and interactions with Miles.

“I’m not going to lie down, I wasn’t the beginning of the pandemic,” Karen admits. “It was sad. I worked long long hours (many days 12+ hours, including weekends) and struggled with how to deal with the stress and new emotions that came with stay at home orders. It was like sailing land without permission and I didn’t know how to handle it in the first place. ”

Source: YouTube

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She continues: “I didn’t know what I needed to get through most of the days, so it was especially difficult to express these unfamiliar needs and new feelings. to my husband I only knew about a month at the time. I don’t think people understand what a whole situation was. ”

She further explains how the pandemic contributed to more issues in her marriage.

“Miles and I struggled for various causes in the first phase of the pandemic,” she says.

She continues: “It made everything feel harder because you are experiencing these new (and big) life changes at the same time. I think he really came to us and communicated with each other hard. With this, you all know that I am insane – I was putting so much pressure on the inside to process everything without downtime. The camera crew was gone, but the plague was like the new elephant in the room. ”

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