‘MacGyver’: Russ Taylor Is Kidnapped and the Team Must Help Find Him

MacGyver and the team is on a special mission. Russ Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick) has been kidnapped, so they have to do everything to find him. Here ‘s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about this week’ s events.

What Happens During Season 5 ‘MacGyver’, Episode 3

Lucas Till mar MacGyver |  Nathan Bolster / CBS through Getty Images
Lucas Till mar MacGyver | Nathan Bolster / CBS through Getty Images

This week, MacGyver (Lucas Till) and his team are on the hunt for kidnapper Russ Taylor. To find Russ, they have no choice but to help a psychopathic murderer (he is now a packman) break out of prison.

MacGyver shoots his design with Desi

MacGyver likes Desi (Levi Tran), but she hasn’t made things easy for him. He tells Wilt that she is busy every time he tries to ask her. He begins to realize that Desi seems to have more time for Riley (Tristin Mays) than two.

At the time of reunion, Mac decides to talk to Desi and ask her on a formal date. However, it does not go smoothly for him. She meets his request with silence, so MacGyver fills the gap by saying, “You don’t have to give your answer right now, just later. “The preview won’t show us its answer, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

MacGyver and Riley get close

In another preview, we see Riley and MacGyver on a picnic together. They make a small speech, and Riley tells MacGyver that it ‘s good to see him so happy. He has run into a number of rough terrain over the past two years, most notably after the loss of his father and aunt, Gwen.

However, MacGyver says things eventually got better. “Leland is in hiding and we are back working at the Phoenix,” he said. “Things finally feel right. At that point, Riley and MacGyver lock their eyes and start moving towards each other as if kissing. The preview cuts off there, so we don’t know if they’re going to kiss, but it looks like there’s something in between.

Will there be romance between Riley and MacGyver? Actress Tristan Mays explains Entertainment tonight not sure what will happen between MacGyver and Riley. However, she believes that things will still be good between Riley and MacGyver even if they try to start a romance and it doesn’t work out.

“Whatever happens, if they’re going to be there, we have to see,” she tells ET’s Kevin Frazier. “If they aren’t, they will still be good friends.”

What happened last week on MacGyver

MacGyver Season 6, Episode 2 was full of action. The team came together to try to stop bio-weapons from getting into the wrong hands. Desi is asked to try to snatch the weapon from a fully secure cellar and escape within a few seconds.

If they do not act quickly, the weapons will be sold to a terrorist cell. It is hidden inside a picture, so the team has to steal the picture and replace it with a double.

MacGyver will hear on Friday on CBS at 8:00 pm East.

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