‘Luke Cage’: Some Fans ‘Wouldn’t Be Sad’ If Mike Colter Were Recast

There are a number of characters that many Marvel fans would like to see come back without a redesign. These include Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, Kingpin Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jessica Jones of Krysten Ritter. But unfortunately for Mike Colter, some Marvel fans are not so positioned on his portrayal of Luke Cage. Here’s a look at Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and why some Marvel fans wouldn’t be saddened if it was redesigned.

Mike Colter
Mike Colter | Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

Some fans would be okay with Luke Cage redesigning

While Colter ‘s painting of Luke was enjoyed by many fans, it was not a perfect performance as many of the fans thought that Cox’ s painting of Daredevil. Fans spoke of his career Reddit. I feel that Mike Colter is one of those actors who is really good at supporting careers (he had the best performance, IMO, in season 1 of Jessica Jones), but not he can do a show on his own, ”said one person. “If Luke Cage comes to a redesign at some point, I won’t be sad about it.”

This was a feeling that many other Marvel fans agreed with. While the first season of Luke Cage well enough, many fans felt the season fell off the cliff after Cottonmouth Mahershala Ali died in the middle of the season. Many Marvel fans praised Ali’s performance, and as a result, they didn’t like where the season went after Cottonmouth was killed.

That issue seemed to come up again for a lot of fans. As one fan commented, “I think one of the great things that held back my enjoyment of Luke Cage ‘s two seasons was how often he felt like the best character. interesting in his own show. ”

In addition, other fans were more critical of Colter’s acting abilities. “Mike Colter is watching the part, but I want Luke Cage with a little more range,” said one.

Will Luke Cage be redesigned?

That being said, it’s completely up in the air right now in terms of how Marvel handles this. So far, actors from Marvel’s Netflix shows have not confirmed their return to Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there are rumors that Cox’s Daredevil will return.

Similarly, Colter said he doesn’t even talk to Marvel about returning as Luke Cage. While Marvel may have instructed Colter to lie to the media about any conversations they are having, Colter could be telling the truth. Nonetheless, Colter seems to have moved on from the character, as he is very busy with other projects.

What Mike Colter is doing right now

After Netflix canceled all of its Marvel shows, Colter began finding work elsewhere in Hollywood. One of his great projects was called a film Black and blue with Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson. according to IMDb, it is also in two upcoming films called Death Till and My name is Charlie Walker. Colter Charlie Walker will play in My name is Charlie Walker.

As for the small screen, Colter has been busy too. He plays a key role in the show Evil, and so far, the show has received a huge welcome and update for a second season.

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