‘LPBW’ Fans Are Begging Amy Roloff to Speak Out After Jacob Roloff Posts About Abuse From a Producer

The Roloffs have taken part Little People, Big World for years, but Jacob Roloff was the first of Matt and Amy Roloff ‘s children to leave the show. While a major staple in the early seasons, he canceled the show back in 2016. And he recently posted to Instagram about the sexual abuse he suffered from a producer.

Amy supported Jacob on her career, but she has yet to post anything for herself to her Instagram. And fans are calling him out for it.

Jacob Roloff posted on Instagram about the abuse he suffered while filming ‘Little People, Big World’

Jacob has always been known as Roloff family black sheep. When he left Little People, Big World in 2016, he posted about his trip to Instagram. And he reassured his fans that he would never participate in reality TV.

Now, fans are getting more context for his career. While it never seemed like Jacob didn’t like the TV landscape, there’s more to the story. On December 15, he explained through Instagram he received sexual abuse from the show’s producer.

“As a child, after what I now understand as a lengthy marriage process, I was caught by a field action representative for Little People, Big World,”Jacob wrote. “I first started considering this statement when he texted me years later in November 2015. I choose to publish it now as it is still a sad memory that needs to be read. to be deprived of any other power of my development. ”

Amy Roloff has not posted about Jacob’s allegations

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff will appear on NBC ‘s show’ ‘Today’ | Peter Kramer / NBC / NBC NewsWire

Amy described Jacob’s career with a ton of love and support. “I have loved you forever and ever in Jacob,” she wrote. “I’m proud of you. Now you don’t have to feel alone and carry this around anymore. ”

The day after Jacob’s career, Amy added post of her own to Instagram – but did not address the allegations at all. She posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, in the kitchen baking biscuits.

“A new Christmas tradition? Baking cookies together, ”said Amy. “I think I like this. We will get back to it causing us a lot more to do. Merry Christmas.”

As for Matt Roloff, he has not posted since Jacob published the allegations. He doesn’t seem to have mentioned Jacob’s post, either.

Fans are begging Amy to speak out

Since Amy posted a picture of herself and Chris from Jacob ‘s accusations, fans are urging her to speak out about Jacob’ s writings. They led to the comments of her latest post asking her to give him public support during this time.

“It’s time to speak out, Amy,” said one fan. “As a mum, it’s time to make a public statement about what happened to your baby. Your fans want to hear you. ”

“An article is coming out about Jacob while you are posting [this] … Where is the support? ”Added another. “I hope you believe and support your son and that you are there for him.”

Others think Amy takes the time to process everything before she speaks in public.

“She described the love he gave her and his support,” wrote another fan. “I feel upset… I need to understand the timeline of when the family found out about it. They may not have just discovered and need to be processed. ”

We wish the Roloffs support during this difficult time.

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